Assignment Order Problems

Hi guys,

I'm a reservist trying to transfer out of Signals into Medics. My new unit has an RCMO post that's gapped so I don't really have a POC this end, and Glasgow does nothing to help, I haven't even been able to get a clear response anyone who does assignments- they just ping to the operator who pings me back to them. Now I have been waiting nearly 6 months for this order, which means 6 months without pay and unable to train with my new unit due to insurance issues etc.

Does anyone either have a number I can call to get through to assignment orders to try and clear up the issue/see where the problem is, or does anyone have any advice I can do? Also does anyone think it will be cleared up by April?

Any advice would be fantastic.
Cheers guys.


Try speaking with your unit admin chain. I'd be asking for a career interview with everyone from the RAO and Adjt to the PSAO and the Trg Major. That should get you some answers and it shows your a motivated individual. Hope this helps a little.

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