Assignment "Order" or "Option"

Discussion in 'REME' started by Gun_Doc, May 28, 2013.

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  1. So, I have once again fallen foul to the ongoing trend of my replacement getting his assignment order cancelled. It happened to me when I was leaving my last post when the guy coming cancelled at the eleventh hour putting my handover back 3 months. As I was in London my kids school places and married quarter had been quickly reallocated and I was forced to move the family onto my new place and stay on married unaccompanied for 3 months until MCM jiffed someone else.

    This time around the guy has sat on it for a month, got it cancelled so I am without a replacement. I'm leaving the Army soon and H20 MST is about to start. I can see myself smashing out the next round of MEIs and exercises instead of doing resettlement. The bloke didnt even ring to see what it was like.

    If there are genuine G1 issues then fine, but an assignment order is just that, an order. This unit is in the middle of Afghani-nowhere but all of us here have had to put up with it, its now someone elses turn. Rant over.
  2. What happened to posting orders?

    I have only been gone 6 (nearly 7) years and you have cocked it up already?
  3. Yes, well that's what you get when you by and off-the-shelf commercial package with Staff Numbers, Assignment Orders etc.

    An AO is exactly that, an Order. However there is always scope to discuss other options with the desk officers. About this time last year my replacement turned up, had a look around and then decided it wasn't for him (actually, didn't suit his wife) and 'turned down' the AO, leaving my post gapped for a number of months. But it was a digital overseas post, so it is difficult to compel SP to take an overseas post which would have placed enormous upheaval upon families becasue fo housing,school and persec issues.
  4. Just agree with everyone and everything before simply disapearing on your resettlement, there's no brownie points left to win at your stage of the game and loyalty is something the military accepts, but never returns!
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  5. Absolutely spot on, I actually attempted to extend by 6 months at the end of my 23 years (including boy service) to take my newly formed fitter section on a Bosnia tour. Actual events were the EME got me posted to 3 Fd Wksps, although 6 Bn actually tried to send me to 15 Fd in Catterick. Only time I have ever really kicked up fuss about a posting, family in Bristol & 11 months (including resettlement/terminal leave) in Catterick - wasn't going to happen!

  6. Cerunnos has the answer mate. Do that. Im in the bracket for T3. Theyre in for a shock if I get my brown envelope on the 18th.

  7. Will do. The overwhelming urge to please everybody right up to the last minute is fading rapidly as I realise the loyalty I have shown throughout my entire adult life is an expendable commodity that is not returned.
  8. you are not the only one buddy, I have a relativitly short space of time before I **** off. Sick of the double standards, backstabbing and misplaced loyalty.

    I am due posting miles from where I am settling, in a area that is very expensive, living in the mess. My missus left me. Also its a nightmare travelling to where I will be settling down, do the powers that be care where I am posted, the ideal location for me is at a gapped post.

    I have never ever refused a posting, heard you can refuse a posting (2) during your service, however I dont trust the rumour mill. Also as I have fucked knees the location I am going to has the worst med centre and local hospital. So that is going to be a bag of joy.

    If I could PVR I would.
  9. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT



    I ever somehow get busted down to lance jack / crow...

    and if... I somehow get posted to your gaff in my last two...

    ...and if, somehow you get busted as well...

    and if, we somehow end up on duty at the same time - remind me to sell my duty.

    Two hours of stagging on with you will send me over the edge I reckon :-D

    **on a serious note to the OP - I think most of us share your pain. With fewer of us about, and the number of gapped posts created by the knock-on effect of what started in the early 90s, those of us now in our last couple are in that unfortunate position that the gaps simply cannot get any bigger.

    Unfortunately, there's still one or two bods out there that somehow believe their J1 / G1 issues outweigh the operational requirement, leaving the fit and healthy to take up the slack created by their mess, along with that we already share from the gapping.

    The best bit of all, is those joining today will only see it get better as we go back to contingency ops, abundance of spares and manning, early stacks, and knack all to do (other than exs) - and therefore in a few years time all of this will be but a memory, as opposed to the "lesssons learned / identified" that it maybe should have been?
  10. I think REME APC do a marvellous job and have sorted me out for my last five postings.

  11. probably cos you know where the bodies are buried,
  12. just venting at once its been a long time coming, sharing the pain, and if we did end up on Stag together it would be great at least you are sensible and you wouldnt cheat on car search snooker, ;-)
  13. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Whatever happened to the career-fouled bitter and twisted old artisan that stunk of piss and saw his twilight days out by dismantling his car in that section of the hangar that had been mine-taped off by the career-driven tiffies in preparation for the next 1* visit?

    Times have changed indeed.
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  14. Keeping my expectations low, offering options and being flexible has enabled me to get what I wanted/needed or at the very least, avoid what I didn't want.
  15. The whole hangar has now been mine-taped off -with all the gapped posts the one bloke left cannot enter due to H&S.