Assignment order challenge!

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by benq, Jun 28, 2011.

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  1. All i wanted was a hug! :(
  2. Try the weekly commute that everyone else seems to manage. You have chosen a lifestyle incompatible with Army service. That was your free choice. Man up and get on with it or PVR/apply for redundancy.
  3. Beng, you have two cars and a mortgage, you must have realised the possibility of a posting. If you want the welfare card then you need to be married. You can go unaccompanied you know so there is no reason for your wife to change jobs.

    Suck it up or change careers. Harsh but honest advice from someone who weekly commuted almost all his career.
  4. I shall ponder your plight on my 6 hour commute home up or shut up.
  5. The clue is in the title, it's an order! Just because you request an extension in your current location doesn't mean you will get it.

    Chinny up!
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    How many more of these ******* threads are we going to get.

    I asked to stay in Germany, got 4 weeks notice to move to UK with no chance of moving my family. Shit! But I got on with as it was an ORDER!
  7. I'm not normally one to be so blunt but are you ******* stupid or what ? Didn't the uniform, the job, the way all your colleagues get posted around at the drop of a hat give you a few hints that it might happen to you one day ? The Army is quite open about what it expects from soldiers, if you haven't spotted that yet you're a twat.

    And frankly, if you gave a shit about the welfare of your family, you'd have the relationship formalised in the eyes of the state. Whether or not you choose to get invisible friends involved is quite another matter. Don't eant to ? That's fine, but choices have consequences so man up and accept them.

    Here's another hint that will stand you in good stead, think about possible changes of circumstance before you take out a huge loan or two. Like, ooh I don't know, if you were in a job that involved predictable moves at regular intervals and such a move would give you problems.


  8. How unfair, poor benq, some nasty soldiers being beastly to you. Go on the Judge Judy show or maybe the Jeremy Kyle show. You utter whinging little tart.
  9. I'm so totally gobsmacked,I'm not even gonna' bite,FFS! :roll:
  10. I think all of the above just about covers it should never come on here looking for a way to 'address' such a problem.....sympathy certainly will not be coming!.....what are you going to ask when you get the order to kit-up & ship-out to the 'nasty-climes' that the lads & lasses get routed to nowadays? Sorry buddy, you will have to 'live-in' and visit home at the weekends......don't forget your duvet!!
  11. As someone senior to you the undertone of my advice to you will be the same as others have given and you need to man up but you appear to be a mess of different reasons and excuses as to why you cannot move.

    Who leads you to believe that you haven't received this due to dragging of heals? It could be for a variety of reasons - needs of the service being a key one.

    Why is getting married unethical? The Army asks you to be married to get SFA and you choose not to! You don't want to get married for a house yet I assume you live with your partner now and your relationship is long term due to financial interdependence yet you won't sign a piece of paper to legitimise this!

    However your circumstances lead me to believe that SFA is not the issue - your apparent welfare reasons are nothing more than bad financial planning on your behalf or a girlfriend who just does not want to move. I seriously doubt that if your partner is in a career that is paying your debts that a lump sum from the army is going to cover your debts; if she is then it is likely to be a job she could take up elsewhere.

    Her links to the local area are not the army's concern and you should be expected to get posted anyway so she is going to have to accept this. You state that you wish to sort out your finances so they won't impede on your deployability yet a deployment will help more than anything - LSA, Op Allowance, no food costs for you, etc.

    Really you need to figure out why you don't want to move. If you can be bothered to ignore your apparent ethical problem with marriage you may find that the savings you make by living in SFA may go someway to negating your partner losing/ changing her job.

    If you are unwilling to give in anyway then your only option is to weekly commute with the added expense and strain that may well bring.
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  12. The needs of the service come first, with the welfare needs a close second.

    I spent my first 4 years of marriage unaccompanied, which was not fully by choice. Man up or get out.
  13. Its the Army you cock, stop ******* whinging and get on or get off!
  14. Hate to tell you this mate but you joined the wrong job. I am serving in the UK but my wife serves in Germany. I have the kids and family pets here. You basically have to do what the army needs and plan around it. Trust me my wife ain't happy about it but we both think of " the greater good" . The be all of it is you cannot expect the army to cater to your every whim. You have done your time there it is now time to move. You are holding up a posting that MCM Div wants to fill.

    Me and my wife have done it for 10 years so you either put up with separation or sign off.....
  15. Why not gather up your ovaries, put them back in your handbag and dry your eyes? While you're at it maybe sign off too, then you can do what the fcuk you like.