"assigned" to 4 Regt AAC

Just found myself "assigned" to 4 Regt AAC, i now know where it is, but armynet not being very helpful on info! anyone know where i can get FOE? contact names/numbers? Everyone seems to have buggered off on summer leave!
I would try Military Directory enquiries, get the number of the Station Guardroom and ring them. Ask for the 4 Regt Orderly Sergeant. They should be able to help.
Phone 118 118 and ask for Billy Smart, they'll connect you immediatley :D
I can do better, I can remember the Duty Drivers number from Minden 1988 :D :D

Ext 4579
annie, first let me say lucky you!! Just got out of there and moved up the road to god's country. 4 AAC is in the middle of a big change over with sqn's going up north and vice versa. I think although the sqn have changed they have kept the same telephone numbers at wattisham. PM me if you need any numbers i can still remember quiet a few... should hope so as well only moved last week ha

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