Assets Recovery Agency failing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. An agency set up to seize criminals' assets has cost taxpayers around £60m despite only recovering just over £8m from law breakers since 2003.

    The Asset Recovery Agency was set up to tackle organised crime. It was meant to raise enough cash to cover its budget.

    When the ARA was launched with the power to seize criminals cars and cash Tony Blair said the agency was going to hit big time crooks hard - "where it most hurts in their pockets".

    In 2004 the agency recovered vehicles worth just £5,000 - that was despite a 50% increase in its staff.

    The agency admits there are problems but argues cases are taking longer because they are working with new laws.
  2. Perhaps they are tax payers as well.
  3. As usual another Agency gets launched with great fanfare, filled with candidates from ads in the Grauniad, who then sit on their navels and contemplate reasons why they CAN'T do this or that and the effect on Human Rights etc. Meanwhile new Stttrettttching targets are set which require a 50% increase in staff who can't cope with what they've got, - the result of which is a lower return than what they had previously.

    Sound familiar? Echoes of CSA/ Passport Agency/ DVLA (our computers are accurate)/Immigration etc. What else is new? :roll:
  4. I wondered why West Yorks Police and one or two others were recruiting Asset Recovery Officers. Looks like Plod wants to do the job himself now.
  5. Come on guys, this agency wasn't set up to be a profit making business. It's there to remove the ill-gotten gains from the Mr Big's of this country. You can't seriously expect them to make a 'profit'.

    Of course, they could be doing a bit better, after all i'm sure there is more than £8m of 'dirty cash' in the UK.
  6. bbc story

    Link to story above, although little more info. given.

    Agent_Smith - the ARA was meant to bring in more cash than it cost to run the agency. That does sound like a profit in the business sense.

    As you say, there might be good reasons why this can't be done at present, but the excuse that the 'laws are new' is ridiculous. They knew the laws were new when they drew up their plans.