Assets Clear Out

Short version of the story, I fitted out a 200,000 sq ft property in Manchester a couple of years ago for a project that is now finishing and is being prepared for a dilapidation phase which my families firm is managing prior to handing back to the landlord.

The on-site Facilities Team are now tasked with selling a huge amount of equipment and gear from the site which housed warehouse elements, high bay storage and a huge data assimilation area with associated plant/server rooms and back office admin areas.

Desks, chairs, lockers (both storage and personal) blue screen dividers, radios, battle bags, Dell I.T equipment, white boards, drawers, first aid gear (including defibrillators) the list goes on and ******* on!

The list is pretty expansive, all the gear was used solely for their project and is in good nick, I know because we sourced half of it and got it all in place for them ready for when they went live.

If your interested or know of anyone ill put you onto the chap running the asset disposal task, a thoroughly bon oeuf bloke of the green lid variety who will furnish you with a disposal list.



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