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Hi, so i thought i’d post a thread about the assessment centre i had on 21/01/2019. (just to clarify-I’M FEMALE, so i think my experience was slightly different to the males).

So Day 0, i arrived at the train station, waiting there an hour early-better early than late. And as i sat down more girls came out the train station with massive bags and suitcases waiting around and we all guessed we were going to the same place so we got talking. When the corporal arrived he looked at our ID, we shoved our bags in the coach, and got on. (there is 10 of us girls, no boys). When we get there we get given 2 diff coloured bibs(one which you take off once you’ve taken the computer tests on day 1), they’ll also give you a water bottle which you mustn’t lose as they will lecture you about if it was a rifle and you lost it!. you spend most this evening filling out forms, an icebreaker which was ok because it was short , kind of relaxed and only a few of us there, then being shown to your shared accommodation, dinner at 6 and being in bed by 10.

Day 1, we were woken up at 6am (even though they’d told us 5am), and at breakfast by 6:30. our medical took pretty much half the day and we took the cognitive tests & whatever other tests you need to take for your job role.( i didn’t need to do some of them as i had brought my gcse certificates). by the time we were done we lost 4 out of 10 of us girls, to petty things like an unexplained rash, so these girls were deferred which meant they had to try again, or failed which meant they couldn’t come back. -the medical was my worst fear as you can’t control it, as long as there’s nothing that affects you you’re pretty much ok. the rest of this day the 6 of us left sat in the recreational room and were given a baguette and apple. also i forgot to mention we had the choice whether to keep our phones so we all had the chance to speak to family /friends at home while we were there. (just don’t use it outside of the accomodation if you haven’t asked!) that evening around 40male recruits arrived and you could tell straight away the commanding officers were a lot stricter with them. then it was dinner again at 6 (busier than usual with all the male recruits) at the scoff-they do have quite a bit of choice. and the breakfasts are good! full english, cereal, fruit, toast. the showers are communal also, by this time we didn’t care because the girls had all gotten close & we were all in the same boat, but bring a swimming costume if you want.

Day 2 was the best day, we all knew we were going home that day. still up at 5am , breakfast at 6. we had the jerry can , sandbag lift and instead of the run we did the beep test where you run back and forth between 2lines 20m apart which i found easier than a 1.5mile run. (only due to it being icey outside) all the girls aced it and got what they wanted which was really good, we all motivated eachother as it was such a small group. then we had team tasks which as long as you say your bit, motivate and encourage your team members , you’ll be fine. they only made us do 2 as it was snowy and icey on most the equipment. we had to get our team and equipment across from one platform to another and they give you the rules etc and time to formulate a plan. we also had a grenade throw which is where you literally just listen to instructions and throw it when your told and Shout GRENADE.!
after we got cleaned up we were called in for our interviews which was nerve wracking because they look at you as though they’re not impressed and my interviewer did not smile once but don’t let that put you off . 5/6 of us got in( one had to come back in a month only to sit her cognitive test) , and it was all done, you get a little certificate and a bag . i was exhausted by the time i got home but it was worth it. i start my basic training on 10/03/2019 , 4weeks left of a wait that feels like forever but i’m glad i did.

probably missed a few things out but this thread is long enough as it is! message me if you have any questions though.


There is nothing in here that hasn’t been written about time after time in the sticky thread set up specifically to allow people to discuss activity at assessment centres.
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