assesment day

Hello I managed to pass my medical (to which I was so happy I had a very large grin all the way home!) and now I have my assessment weekend coming up (on Saturday I had my medical on Tuesday and 4 days later my assessment and I only went into to say I was still interested in joining..
Any how my concern is this - I don't think I can do the press ups (not 44)
I could do 20 and no doubt 30 and poop my self out but I was wondering what happens I don't want to upset or let any one down and I really want to give it my best shot and I don't really mind if they say can you try again in a few weeks time its some instructor coming up to me and shouting how i've failed that worries me. will I get help to improve my fitness if i don't make it (it's for the TA royal artillery)
Well thank you very much for any help as I can see my self tossing and turning Friday night..
Only thing you can do is give your best effort mate. I am sure with the adrenaline you will do better than you expected (seems most people do). If they see you give your best effort it will work in your favor even if you don't make the correct number. So just give it your all and don't be disheartened if you are not successful.

Good luck!

Yes just do your best thats all they can ask good luck
Well I did it yesterday and I managed 40 press ups only 30 sit ups and did the run in 12 some thing min (though we had a 1.5 mile walk/jog for a warm up.
It was rather fun and felt good (though my legs are aching a bit today!)
any how I now have to go along every drill night and 28th i've gotta go along to a weekend and try to beat my times. I guess the best way to do this would be just to keep doing press ups sits ups and running around teh block (1.5 miles or so) until I get better.
Thanks for encouragement I did my best (pooped my self!) but the ptI was nice enough and gave encouragement.
thanks again

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