Assaults on prison officers increasing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DieHard, Aug 24, 2013.

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    It would appear that interfearance from ECHR have caused a few problems in our allready over filled and overstretchf prisons, at least the daily wail say so.
    They state that prison governors have had the right to add extra days to a lags sentence withdrawn because its an abuse of human rights.
    At the last prison i worked in adding extra time stopped over ten years ago and it was left to a circuit judge to do the job instead, we were told however that if a con did a serious assault we were to arrest them and get the police involved.
    Prison is supposed to be the punishment, loss of liberty, so i can see why some prisoners think they are untouchable, after all the only punishment they are likely to receive is a couple of weeks down the block followed by a couple of weeks on basic ( no tv or playstation, and locked up for a bit longer).
    There are many issues going on giving cons the impression that they can commit assaults on staff and get away with it, in this pc day and age the odds are in favour of the prisoner and they know it, senior managment have made it easy for them and twice as hard for the officers. Throw into the pc prison this echr ruling and things get worse.
    Prison officers are just doing a job and should not have to put up with assaults by cons who think they can get away with it.
    How can it be dealt with?
    And as for compo for cons doing extra time, what are they going to give charles bronson when he finaly gets out?

    Editf to say sorry for the disjointed parts of my post.
  2. Don't start sending them here again.

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  3. You there. Yes you. Step away from the Daily Mail with your hands up and your outrage down.

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  4. OP Works in the industry by the sounds of his post. He is simply adding to the content published by the Daily Mail.

    The DM may report certain stories with a bit of froth to irritate people's sense of fair play and of course they have an anti ECHR agenda but most of the time their stuff is factual, albeit slanted as already mentioned.

    As we have said many times on this board the existence and our membership of the ECHR is not a bad thing. Churchill himself perhaps the greatest ever Briton who lived advocated for it's existence. They have however been over stepping their remit as far as these so called human rights are enforced and this needs to be addressed.

    Take away the ability of prison governors to punish and restrict privileges of inmates and it stands to reason the behaviour of these inmates is going to get worse.

    Anyone but the left can see that!!!
  5. Not entirely true is it? Try assaulting a screw in a jail in North Korea, Zimbabwe, Albania, China, or some other socialist paradise, and see how much extra porridge you can eat thru a straw, after they've given you a face like a road crash victim.

    It just seems to be the left in the UK and such places that is piss weak and spineless.
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  6. A little while ago, the government proposed that legal aid for prisoners should be stopped, except for appeals against their sentence. I doubt that many lawyers would spend years taking a case to Europe if they're not getting paid.
  7. Regarding the "Added Days" (Loss of Remission). Although it is virtually impossible for a prisoner to get days added, the sentence of the court includes a period for good behaviour. I suppose a 15 year sentence sounds better to the public than the 10 years it actually represents(?)

    As for taking assaults to court, I've seen a few examples of this. If you "win", the sentence will be concurrent anyway. It was viewed as a waste of time by most, except in the most serious cases.
  8. Can't circuit judges add days now? The prisoners thought they'd be a lot softer than governors at adjudication. The circuit judges we used to get were much tougher.

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  9. No they already had a trial, remission is reduced.

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  10. OP never said loss of remission, said days added on.

    Completely different. If its remission, then shit decision by ECtHR, if days added on then fair one.
  11. It was never allowed to add more days than the original sentence but 'added days' are meaningless to a con at the start of a sentence. It only hits home half way through when they realise they should be out.

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  12. Nope, Snake Plisskin's.
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