Assaulted by gang after car crash.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Ondy, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. I wasnt going to post this at arrse because basically i was abit :oops: , who wouldnt be?

    But theyve been sod all help at the rac forum, so please your two cents, if you have a spare few minutes to read it.

    RAC Forum

    p.s. this happended last wednesday & guess how much it cost me for a new front headlamp and side panel?
  2. You should have got in your car and run a few of the fcukers over.... that´ll learn ém .

    You hacve to different claims here (as the insurance coy sees it). First the crash. May beyour fault may not be. If the other guy is insured, then depending on blame depends on qho loses their noclaims bonus.

    As for the kicking in later. Chances are you´ll pay for it. The coppers aren´t arrsed about catching a gang of spoty twonks .

    I reckon it cost you about 400 notes.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The tw@t who set the little scrotes onto you has your details, so in terms of 'having a word' either with him or his scrote mates, it's possibly going to back-fire.

    Have you got any mates that can help (insurance claim aside)?
  4. Firstly, the crash:

    I am afraid that most insurance companies have the thinking that if you drove into the back of someone then you are at fault as you are either driving to fast or too close. I know you said he pulled out but that will be very hard to prove as he could say that he was doing the same thing as you had and he had pulled over to let oncoming traffic pass before moving off again.

    Secondly, the *********:

    You know where they hang around so i would suggest if you can't let it go then you can observe them to see their movements and then come up with a plan to get even.

    Remember REVENGE is a dish best served cold!!!
  5. If you live in the Midlands/South Yorks, I'd be pleased to help; I'm at a loose end at the mo anyway!
  6. Cheers for all the replies, helpful and encouraging stuff!

    Its been almost a week now and not heard a squeek from the insureres *touch wood*. They should have tried to contact me by now, so whats this guy playing at?
    Hopefully they dont call, then thats one less thing to worry about. An the driver called us up on the friday, in chav accent 'arrr m8, you alrite th copz sed wot hapend' followed by 'so did th police giv u ma' details'....'yeah ive got everything right here'....oddly the conversation didnt last much longer.

    As for sorting these chav ******* out my brother and hes ridiculously racist friends :roll: are mad as badgers , he was going to set this guys car on fire later that night. It would be pretty fcuking nice to do something evil to these people but as im starting basic at the end of july, if something happend at home whilst i was training, well it would be a nightmare.

    On a positive note the new front headlamp and whole side panel only cost a tenner from a scrap yard! Not to mention the sympathy that my bruised up chops got from the lassies down the gym.
  7. WTF! Today i got a letter from his solicitors saying hes suing me for whiplash. He cant do that right? It was barely a bump.

    Can i counter sue him for getting me decked!? Cant believe this man, this is what being a nice guy gets you. If he does this he is going to get messed up.
  8. Make sure you sort him out after the court case - otherwise he will claim his injuries were sustained in the accident :)

    Undo his wheel nuts - for starters
  9. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    At this point I would suggest you should have informed your insurer (which if i read your post correctly you haven't)...okay bit late I know, but you should have even if you weren't claiming (I know no-one does but it's the legal thing).

    So what i would do now is inform your insurer..with a damn good excuse about why you hadn't emergency, scared of reprisals, dog died...and then I would also get a crime number from the police (assuming they didn't give one to you).

    Hopefully this gives you the name/number of some coppers who spoke to the driver after the event, who know he drove off without giving details...which is illegal in the case of a crash involving people...and a witness to say that the driver was in good condition when they saw him.

    Apart from that let your insurance company deal with it. Although if you have legal cover on your insurance policy (house/car/personal) then might be worth setting it in motion as I've always found that insurance companies take the easiest route..which is generally pay up and charge you later.

  10. Ondy, you need to realise that in this compo claim culture environment, these fcuks will claim for anything. The hardest part is proving that he hasn't got whiplash, this is a trick the the Germans had down to a fine art back in the day in BFG, the slightest touch, they'd be off work for weeks claiming whiplash and the insurance companies used to pay up at the cost of your insurance premiums. One of the lads I served with done it back to a boxhead and got 10,000 DM for his troubles.
  11. Okay i told the insurers and they werent really bothered about the delay which was nice; gonna get some legal aid to sort this out because its just not fair; does the money come out my own pocket then if the insurers only pay up so much?

    Just shows how were turning more americana these days doesnt it.
  12. The insurance company will settle in full.
    Probably won't even contest it as its cheaper just to pay out than fight it in court.
    Happened to me a couple of years ago on works insurance
  13. Gets you hot under the coller doesnt it. Even if its the insurers money i dont wont him to get a penny. :x
  14. Not sure if anyone has said this (as I can't be bothered to read the whole thread), but if you've given him your address and you reckon that he's set you up, you just might find that they are not finished with you yet. They may come round and screw your house. Don't put f*ck all past these c*nts mate, they are getting more devious by the day.
  15. Some bloke made a claim for whiplash injuries against me and got paid; fine except my car wasn't moving at the time - he drove into me!

    Suspect your insurance company will cough up to take the quick and easy option - funny old world.