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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Fishsoxs, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. I have read a lot about the virtues of using webbing and assault vests on this site. Being in the TA and for the type of work we do I love my webbing set up but am wanting to try an assault vest.

    Looking round i have seen two, both by Viper and in DPM. They are:

    1: Heavy Duty Military Viper Combat Assault Vest
    2: South African Assault Vest (I saw this displayed on my last patrols weekend by a CSM of the Staffords who was training us)

    So .... your views as to which vest, if there is another vest that comes recommended or just continue with my webbing.

    Appreciate your views.

  2. Fella, there are so many threads on here extoling the virtues of a variety of numerous manufacturers, except Webtex and the pro/cons of belt order versus vest. Have a trawl through them. If belt order works for you then stick with it.
  3. try the ones on they are suppose to be ok.
  4. I bought my vest from the arrse shop. Just the job
  5. I'm with k613 on this. I used an assult vest for a few days and have gone back to the belt rig. The vest stops you getting into your pockets and is an arrse to get your mags out of, especially when in the prone post. Don't waste money finding out foryourself. Either take the advice of someone elses experience, of borrow a set and try it first.

  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    1. Pants.
    2. Good design (SADF) - pants material & construction.

    Viper = Webtex = Thatchreed.
    All made in the Far East with shoddy materials.
    If you want a cheap vest for posing then get one of theirs - if you want the remotest form of quality don't go near them.

    As Dml87 says, go to - click here for a full milspec vest at £79.95.

  7. if ur infy, den stik wiv the webbing, but if not a vest is advisable. Vests are no good if u go down on your belt buckles, nt always easy to access mags.

    Oh, and in my experience, the best make is Viper and some brilliant prices from - just click on the Military Catalogue
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    Cheers for that Barnezy... :roll:

    Can you tell me why you have found the Viper vests to be the best, considering they're not remotely milspec ?
    Just out of interest, what is this 'experience' of which you speak, and where was it gained ?
  9. Its a Cadet

    Obvious really
  10. Yes i am a cadet. What does it matter, i've experienced them in fieldwork?

    A few of my mates have them and i've borrowed/tried them whilst doing field weekends or giving fieldcraft lessons. Some are better than others obviously and i have found that the better ones have been made by viper. For example, one cadet bought a £60 vest but all the pouch fasteners were strap and slide (a la rucksack shoulder strap) and although quiet were a complete bastard to close up (i found the best way to do it was take it off or get someone else to do it 4 ya).
  11. I think the point being made is that whilst you do have 'experience' of using this kit, your experience has been gained from a couple of weekends at STANTA, etc, carrying one smoke and two spare mags for your cadet rifle, which this kit is probably fine for.

    However, the original question is aimed at getting feedback regarding current British military use - ie places much more 'rugged' than Norfolk and involving trogging about with battle loads for hours at a time, for weeks/months on end.

    Either stick to the ACF forum or think before you press 'send' mate :wink:
  12. The original kit in the Arrse shop was made by the same fine chap that makes the kit.
  13. i am an ex-cadet, and i did have a viper vest for a while. i binned it when i moved onto OTC, {cue groan from regs/TA} because it was not upto the job. i am almost certainly sure that on ops, it would take a greater battering than on exercise. one of my mates used his brand new 25 squid viper assault vest a la ebay down at scraesdon fort, and it broke! for cadets, viper, webtex, and other cheap imports are fine. but for TA, regs, and from what i have seen, OTC as well, it is just not upto the job.

    ps this britkitdirect, looks excellent, and quite reasonably priced.

  14. Like a previous post said, read the numerous threads
    Borrowa vest and see first then
    GO speak nicely to your friendly 'Q' staff who can,if you are entitled , order one for you through the system
  15. Even as a Cadet don't get a Viper, get the best vest you can afford, and it will then last you past Cadets, into the Regs / TA / OTC or if you want to stay a civvie, you can use it in Airsoft!