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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Mav, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    Can anyone confirm if it's true that cadets will only be allowed to use assault vests, not webbing? Seems a little crazy, but mine is not to reason why etc. Just wondered if anyone else has heard this...
  2. You were told correct, its labelled as the Cadet Training Vest
  3. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    Thanks - we only seem to have desert DPM vests right now. And they don't seem to have the enough room to carry kit for a day...

    Presumably, that's what adults will wear too?
  4. As far as I know yes
  5. Fixed that for you, you dirty child toucher ;)
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  6. There do seem a number of issues on the CTV

    One is that there now seem to be about three variants around, though whether the first types are withdrawn I don't know?

    Scaling on these is not going to be individual issue, and would seem already to be causing some proiblems, as it seems to be one per weapon, which is fine until you start, with limited weapons, swopping the vests around in the field.

    Not sure on sizes as yet, but await with interest how they will in practice work with with cadets from tiny twelve year old at four foot maybe notalot, and the odd rugby playing fifteen stone seventeen year old.

    Certainly there have been problems with the pockets not allowing magazines in and out easily, and already various adaptations have been made by cutting out dividers.

    Also something seming very variable by County is that some are saying only the cadet vest may be used, others allowing that as cadets get keener they have traditionally bought their own kit,

    Would be interested to know if anyone took part in the trials which, as I understand it, took place in some Northern Counties and in NI, as most of the moans do seem things which trials should and would properly have sorted?
  7. I'm from Lancs ACF, we've been told we're all still wearing out own webbing for the next few years, and the company commander told me he's just ordered 50 sets of DPM chest rigging to replace '58 pattern kit, so I don't think we'll be forced to change over any time soon.

    P.s. I'm a mong, I already know.
  8. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    On the sizing issue - isn't that an issue with webbing too?

    How are chest rigs any better than the vests? Sure, if you need to hold a bunch of mags and never intend to be prone when you need them...

    I guess we're not supposed to carry things like brew kit... and the concept of carrying what you need for 24+hrs is out of date now...
  9. Well I agree, but it's the simplest cheapest way for the company commander to replace '58 pattern kit that's falling apart, it's also somewhat 'encouragement' to get children who have more money than sense to spend it on their own kit, which they all will, I know I did.
  10. I grant you Mav webbing has its problems on large and small sizing, but give a company half a sdoxen vests and issue them in turn to the bigger lads, makes me wonder what the repair situation is for them!

    Webbing can at least be cobbled!

    Of course, someone might just have though that cadets were going to be vehicle mounted instead of infantry basic!
  11. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    Don't get me wrong - my preference is webbing too!

    So, my core question is - how long is a cadet supposed to be able to survive without their bergan?
  12. To be honest, I'm wondering what the f**k is the issue with cadets having to be these CTV's, whats wrong with good ole' PLCE webbing, why are we blowing more money which we do not have on shite?
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  13. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    Was PLCE ever on general issue to ALL cadets? Maybe this was about making something available to all cadets...
  14. Sound question KW!
    One rumour, which I have not yet seen substantiated anywhere, and to be honest seems more like justification to me, is that it was said cadets fill the webbing up with so much junk that they were putting undue stress on young shoulders.

    This would seem to be countered by there seeming to have been no particular concern regarding DoE Expedtions and how young people in and out of cadets carry larger loads?

    I would certainly like a reason, for cadets not only are happy and enthusiastic to buy their own webing, but it can be picked up for peanuts!

    Fair one :)

    In terms of acting the dream, I shoud say about three months! ...... as your 13 year old sees 300 yard legs over a training area; through minefields of shark infested custard or even worse, under constant fear of attack from or kidnap by the dastardly Alaskan Liberation Front!


    ......In reality, it has to be admitted, probably a few hours, or if you add hurry up and wait time, maybe as much as four or five! :)
  15. We have been issued this crap, one per weapon. This smells of cadet Direct (or other cadet shops) paying a Lt Col lots of money to push “their product”.

    Don’t know about you but we have more cadets than weapons and this means we don’t have enough.

    On the other hand the kids love it as they think it makes them look ally.