Assault vest

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by partimehero, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. Hi, apart from a gen ops vest, can anybody tell me if theres another one out there thats got the 4 decent sized utility pouches, 2 chest pouches, a double ammo and all the other features.

    If its got more pouches on the better.

    I'm still new so go easy on me!
  2. I have worn this vest on a number of occasions. While it doesnt have any pouches, I have never run out of ammo.

    I don't have the NSN but I believe its made by Jockey.

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  3. Damn it only comes in white!!!
  4. Off white!
  5. blood stains cost extra.
  6. Try the Vanguard all-arms assault Vest, available from

    It gets great reviews from everyone who uses it, and KM doesn't rip the arrse out of the price.
  7. Thank you for the recommendation. The All Arms Vest may well suit your needs. this is a direct link

    Please note the layout has changed from that photographed. For better weight distribution Vanguard have moved one ammo pouch over to the right side. The zipped chest pouch is now on both sides. Read the description and it should be clear as mud. New photo' later this week.

    While I'm here, my thanks to those of that came back and tried again after our recent credit card problems. Your patience is much appreciated.
  8. Arktis marine hybrid vest is necter, bought it from the links on this site and it has never failed me