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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mr_pr, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. I need someone who is bob on with their kit knowledge.

    I bought a 'genuine' assault vest from ebay. I don't believe its genuine however. The most major issue i have with it is, the ammo pouches aren't big enough to hold SA80 mags. Also, no respirator clips.

    Would someone post photos of a genuine vest, lots of photos, maybe details of pouch sizes, e.g. what will fit in them, mess tins? The photos posted are from ebay.

    before i send it back i want to be sure i'm not just being an idiot and accusing someone of selling me a fake item!


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  2. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Does it have Webtex on the vest anywhere?
  3. It's no good unless we can see the label inside!
  4. Sorry to disappoint but it is genuine issue. That's the junk one made by Armor before the Dessie one went on issue.

    You're right it won't take the mags, not even A1. Material is crap, pouches are crap and build quality is crap.

    I can tell by the awful dye colour and those useless straps on the shoulders. Even Webtex didn't bother to copy those. It should have equally useless clips on short straps at the bottom of the back. Horizontal if I recall correctly. They're for a pack/pouch that no one seems to get issued.

    Put it back on Ebay, best place for it. A cadet will have hours of fun with it.
  5. that is the answer i was and wasn't looking for!

    Ok, so how can i find a genuine one. Is there anything in particular i can ask a seller to make certain?
  6. The only real way to be sure is to buy from a reputable and recommended shop. It won't be as cheap as the godless fleabay but you will have some reassurance. If you want that style of vest you need to find someone with an early one by CQC. It should say CQC on the label. Iknow ukkitmonster had some CQC vests but you'd have to ask. You could also try SASS, they used to do them too. RVops are good but I don't think thye have that vest.

    Try any of the above. they all have websites and they'll talk to you on the 'phone but set aside 30 minutes if calling SASS, he loves to talk! All are name checked on here and I've used all 3 myself with naw dramas.

    Good luck. And mention arrse you might get a discount! Links below
  7. Sorry your is not looking good enough to us, ask blobmeister about his experience with webtex.

    Theres a good link for jayjays or dragon posted elsewhere onsite, price you pay is worth it.

    Whatever you do avoid highlander assualt vest itsssss bad full stop, had one in 2004 which lasted 5 weeks till I bit the bullet and phoned silvermans!!!!!
  8. brilliant info.

  9. Aye that's what I had done on mine, works like a treat now.

    T C
  10. I got my ammo pouches on my vest (and on my belt kit for that matter) modified at Jay Jays, they work well enough now too.
  11. just had mine done today on my belt kit ammo pouch and chest rig pouches.
    top quailty work £5 per pouch worth the two hour drive.
  12. On the topic of assault vests, I've seen a few pic's of the Rifles out and about in Basra using what looks like this.

    Do they fit over Osprey better? I#m quite a small guy so I have my vest done up all the way, would I be able to get it on over Osprey?

    T C
  13. [​IMG]
    Bloke on the right.
  14. That's the badger. One of the blokes in the bulldog on panorama had the same. What's the scoop? Will a wee bugger be able to get an assalut vest on over Osprey? Or is one of these jobs with the strings needed.

    T C