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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by redduke748, Dec 17, 2005.

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  1. Hey dudes, I picked up an assault vest from a well known internet auction site...after nearly ending myself on ex trying to drive a landy with webbing on, and the guy swore it's issue. But it seems a bit flimsy to me, anyone know of a sure fire way of checking? Can't see any Webtex labels, but it bears all the hallmarks of the dreaded stuff? Cheers!
  2. have you got a pickie? the webbing straps are different in colour from the issue stuff.whats the seller id,il take a look and let you know if you got a good deal
  3. If it's issue It'll have an nsn on it. If you hold it up to a 40 watt light bulb and it curls up and shrivels like a crisp packet then it's WEBTEX. Oh and if you're reading this Mr Webtex - fcuk off and sue me!
  4. You could have waited till you go on tour, they issue them these days!

    I never buy anything on those sites, I like to handle what I'm gonna buy.
  5. OK, I'll just get my camera and see if I can snap it. The vest. Not the camera.
  6. OK, so whats the trick to posting pics here?

    this is a pic hosting site, crank it up, hit 'browse' search pic you want up then 'host'. then right click and copy the 'URL for forums' into your forum post.
  8. save the picture to your p.c, click on post reply, click browse,find where the pickie is located, click on pickie and bobs your uncle and fannies your aunt
  9. sorry, i forgot to ad, paste into the 'insert image' link on the tool bar when you post.

  10. Looks like the real thing to me.
  11. looks gen mate, dont look like the webtex bo lax at all. did you pay good 'me love you long time special price for it'. i've seen them go for good dollar on there, but then i suppose if it stops you getting totalled whilst driving a rover then whatever you paid is a good deal.there should also be a n.s.n label on it,if you open it up the label is stitched on the back mesh. has it got drawstring ties on every pouch?
  12. Yep, drawstrings on every pouch, and here's that label...the number is 8405-99-527-1800[​IMG]
  13. yeah mate, thats the genuine issue assault vest being issued at a qm's dept near you. the no listed above is the nato stock no.