Assault Vest?

Personally, I wouldn't- you simply don't need to carry that much all the time. Also, it looks really, really chod
Assault vest instead of a bergen? The assault vest is an alternative to webbing, so I'm not sure why you'd want to wear it with webbing, although it may be possible.

What do you have against taking the bergen? If you have to take a reasonably substantial load (as I assume you are for 2-3 days) then the bergen is the most comfortable and suitable load carrier. Also, if you have a daysack, webbing and assault vest, you'll only be able to get the daysack off quickly, meaning that you end up carrying webbing and an assault vest if you need to dump kit quickly, when you should only have one of those two.

Or have I missed the point here?
werent sure if the assault vest replaced webbing or not. think im being a bit optimistic thinking ill mange all my kit without my bergan.
I'd say take your bergan- what sort of tasks are you likely to be doing on this ex?
How do you plan to pack your sleeping bag into your vest?

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