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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BevisRory, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. I need some new webbing, and have been considering Assault Vests.

    Better than PLCE or not?

    I'm up for spending £80, £100 tops as it's only for Cadets, so only gonna be used about 5 times a year.

    So anyone with some good recommendations?

  2. You don't need webbing of any description - you're a cadet. Stick to a Tesco's carrier bag.
  3. What's wrong with PLCE?

    Being a cadet, you don't need gucci kit, and assualt vests are made for use in wagons anyway. Seems a bit pointless to me.

    Spend the money on something useful.
  4. Are you made of money? £100? Are you mad?
  5. Just get a south african assault vest for £30 off eBay

    Viper or Highlander; I recommend Highlander one
  6. Yep. Don't like assault vests. You can't use them as a pillow, nor can you use them to shield the wind when using hexi. It's a pain in the arrse to fire from the prone position as well. Belt order all the way!
  7. Nope :(

    I just didn't know the prices.

    I'd get PLCE, I asked 18 months ago for some.

    So I got a chest rig. I keep asking and get nothing :(
  8. Well if you insist on buying a rig, spend the £80 on plce. It's easily enough for a set, or you may get it for cheaper.
  9. annother option is to take a look at getting a grade 1 surplus vest.
    kitmonster do them for £65, it's issue kit (so it shouldn't fall apart) and when you leave, you can probably sell it onto annother cadet for about £30, so you'll make some of the cash back.

    I know a lot of cadets do get thier own webbing, as certainly localy the groups issue 58patt, with all it's attendant problems (difficulty putting together, heavy when wet, tendancy for pouch closures to swell when wet ect)
    south african assault vests seem popular aswell (mainly the comercial ones, although I have seen one issue variant)
  10. Have to agree with the previous posts that PLCE all the way. & easier to keep serviced as well.
  11. i got a used issue off ebay for 30 quid you should n't have to pay more!

    whats wrong with webbing anyway?
  12. Spend your money on normal things. Issue Tissue is good enough for 5 weekends a year mate and I'm sure £100 notes will go a long way buying other things.

    I'd like a spare £100 to throw about these days :( (I certainly wouldn't be buying webbing with it)