Assault vest design - any suggestions

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by JoeStrummer, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Know I know assault vests/webbing/chest rigs discussions have been done to death, but here is another one!

    Having been issued lots of bits and bobs and looked at loads of different comercially sold kit, I have decided to pay to have a vest of my own specification made up.

    Before I part with my cash, just thought I'd see i f anyone had any suggestions I hadn't thought of.

    Vest is for use in Iraq/Afhgan type environments, must hold 6 x 5.56 mags and not be too 'cluttered'

    Any suggestions? Pictures especially useful
  2. One like this ?


  3. A couple of years back I got Jayjays (4 Free Street, Brecon, Powys, 01874 610036) to make up a vest for me it had the 6 mag capacity you are after, 4 utility pouches, ffd pouch bayonet attachment point on left side behind the ammo pouches. Plus a couple of zip box puches on the chest for bits and peices.

    You need to make sure they know the pouch sizes you want and what they need to fit e.g. issue waterbottle "and" mug etc etc.

    Good bit of kit all IRR material and clips bit faded now but still going strong. So they get my vote.

    Capt M
  4. Any chance you can show a picture Capt M? (Of the vest) :)
  5. I have tried a number of assault vests and i had enough of the inflexibility so i got myself a webtex MLCE vest, similar to the MOLLE system. So far it seems good and gives me the advantage of swapping pouches around depending on role. Also allows the vest to be set up so that your pouches sit where you want them and is the same attachment system as on the Ospey body armour. The MLCE pouches arent cheep but you can attach plce ammo pouches to start with. People are dubious of the MOLLE attachment system but ive had no problems with it.
    Cheaper versions are available if you search e-bay USA.
    Worth considering as ive had a South african vest and a normal assault vest in the past and wasnt 100% happy with them.
  6. How much are you using the Webtex vest? I'd agree the idea is ok but Webtex are not well regarded on the quality side. Have you used it on ops or a long ftx?
  7. Just got it and started using it for range work and a couple of five day exercises but its holding out fine so far. The build quality seems a lot better than previous webtex products. If you dont trust webtex then black hawk or tactical tailor do MOLLE vests. I went for this one as it was the first i found, could of looked a bit harder but i'm happy with it so far. e-bay USA has a few but watch out for the Airsoft copies. I'll let you Know if it starts falling to bits.
  8. Also be very careful of Webtex branded items if you go operational as they arn't very good at putting IRR into their items! The advert might say it is, but don't always belive the advert!

    The main problem with Webtex (Thatchreed) is that they produced some very bad equipment when they first started, I agree their stuff is getting better, but every one remembers the first run, not the latest - Very much like the differences bewteen SA80 A1 and A2, its a different weapon system, made by a different company, but people still think of it as a SA80!

  9. JoeS. If you're getting a rig made up for you, then consider the situation on the ground now in Afghan (if not Iraq). You want something that'll take 10 mags minimum, design it around that and whatever space is left over can carry grenades, med kit, water, radio. The advantage of the 'MOLLE' system is that you can have the option to carry what you need for each job. I'd steer away from webtex though. Go with eagle, blackhawk or Tactical tailor etc.
  10. sod vests there shi'te. use stripped down webbing:-
    - 1x webbing belt
    - 1x double ammo pouch (6x mags)
    - 1x single ammo pouch (grenade pouch)
    - 1x utility pouch (extra ammo / comd pouch)
    - 1x bayo frog (hmm)

    ( can use yoke if u feel u need to)
    then spray the lot desert!!!
  11. hows the MLCE holding up???
    im thinking of buying some but am considering getting some PLCE from britkit instead after reading this topic.
  12. issue assault vest for sale if anyones interested.
    'green' DPM. good nick.

    £60 + postage . pm me with interest lads.
  13. I do think the 80 Pattern Battle Jerkin is ok but i would improve it by replacing the stupid toggles and ties on the back compartment.


    The designer must have got the idea from the WW2 Battle Jerkin, The dad of Assault Vests.

  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Without a doubt and a call by the South African assault vests on the way

    Edited to add that in 44 or whenever they had it right for bren gunners!