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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by cdt_l/cpl, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. What is the role of an Assault Pioneer within the army? and how would you go about training to be one?
  2. put the same question onto the infantry forum.....Royal Engineers are trained as COMBAT ENGINEERS...not...assault pioneers :)
  3. I did but i didnt get much help, so then i put it into the RLC forum (because they have pioneers), where i was told to put it in here lol.
  4. Typical RLC.. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Go back to the RLC forum, send 'em our compliments and mention that if they actually want a decent Corps, they might start nuturing possible candidates for it, failing that my dear young friend, come to the dark side and join in with THE Corps, The Royal Engineers.

    Unlike those lot, WE will look after you.

    We're good like that... :wink:

    Have a search of the RLC part of the army website. Hopefully they have enough info on there to answer your questions!
  5. Put simply:

    Assault Pioneers are infantry soldiers with basic combat engineering skills. So if you want to be one, you will have to join the infantry first. You may have an opportunity to specialise as an Assault Pioneer after a couple of years. Different types of infantry battalion organise their pioneers in different ways, but its basically an additional skill you can acquire rather than a mainstream infantry career.

    Within the RLC, you will also fine find 'pioneer' units (not sure how many these days) these squadrons combine an infantry role with engineering and artisan type skills.

    The professional combat engineers within the Army are the Royal Engineers.
  6. Do you want to be an Assault Pioneer? Or an RLC Pioneer. An assault pioneer is a trade stream within the infantry. They have several sub trades which you can progress in, just like most Arms or Corps. Being in the Assault Pioneer Platoon does not stop you from moving back to the rifle platoon or a support platoon as you like. It gives you a specialist trade skill.

    An RLC Pioneer is a trade within the RLC, they are used as the Army’s labour force, you could be in a guard section, a works party or supporting Royal Engineers on operations. You can in theory move between trades within the RLC, but as with any thing in the forces this will be difficult. Again the Pioneers have a full sub-set of trades which you can specialise in. Don’t expect to meet the next Partial Physicist in the Pioneers, good blokes but more used to shifting stuff than questioning its existence.

    In either case you only need to gain a low score at the recruiting office to be offered a job as an Infantry Man or a Pioneer. If your score is any lower they will ask you if you want to be a police dog.
  7. Last time i worked with pioneers was on EX Warpaint batus i was asked by a pioneer staffy and sgt if i thought the plans they were looking at were wrong?
    Why i asked ?
    Coz you cant through a grenade 15 miles he said
    No i says thats 15 meters!!

    cross posted from rlc bit cos they didnt appreciate this
  8. Having seen some of the answers on the various threads asking this question I feel compelled to offer my experiences.

    Assault Pioneers were (are) a vital asset to any CO or Battlegroup. Their duties include;

    • Demolition (inc explosives using electric or flash initiation)
    • Field defences (plant or manual)
    • Minelaying (clearing, recovery or disposal of)
    • Water purification (making it fit for their BG to drink, an often neglected art in this day & age)
    • Bridgelaying (usually in support of RE)
    • Watermanship (The army’s word for boat handling or rafting)

    They can also expect involvement in;

    i) Search (Urban, Rural, Veh or body)
    ii) Forward Recce for RE (ie where to throw a Bridge, fascine or trackway)
    iii) Just about anything their unit throws at them.

    Modern Infantry Battalions are unlikely to have an establishment for Assault Pioneers therefore manning & getting the right calibre of soldier is a problem (an OC told to provide XX men will send knackers if he can get away with it). Initial training is conducted ‘in house’ but leads to B2,B1 & W/O courses @ Minley Manor & RSME.

    An Assault Pioneer sect/plt starts life as a bunch of misfits & bottlewashers but soon becomes resourceful & able to use its initiative. I recall having to clear a helipad in the jungle using little more than hand tools & the bare minimum of demolition accessories. We managed to fell (HUGE) trees by making shaped charges (enabling us to place a small charge in the centre to bring them down) from compo tins & moving the timber with some virtually useless turfoil jacks to ensure the helipad would be ready on time.

    Ignorance of the trade was annoying. Many a time I found myself ‘dicked’ for mess decoration (camnets on the ceiling) or erecting numerous 24x18’s or 12x12’s because ‘that’s what assault pioneers do!’ In all my years in the Army I was never shown how to erect a f****** tent or camouflage the inside of a building as part of a course & couldn’t understand how anyone thought otherwise

    Having a secondary role is great for any Infanteer. I bounced in & out of rifle company jobs throughout my early (ie infantry phase of) my career (Brecon, Warminster an’ all that) & spent 2 years as a demolition instructor @Sch of Inf before moving elsewhere.

    Re Beards; this came from the Napoleonic era where illiterate peasants would march ahead of advancing armies to fell trees, repair carriageways etc in preparation for their arrival. I fully support the wearing of a Beard by Assault Pioneer Sgts but chose not to wear one because it seemed to me that CO’s wouldn’t promote a bearded bloke with an axe, apron & pointed ‘at because they liked him to stay that way (ie marching in Napoleonic rig at the front of the Regiment). One of my collegues opted for an impressive set of handlebars when he was a C/Sgt but had them unceremoniously removed during a debagging in the mess after about a year.

    Footnote: These events happened many years ago. I can’t help noticing that it’s the SAME BLOKES who now fill their days in welfare roles for the ex service community.
  9. stayed on 23 pioneer camp recently & feck me are they THICK.

    spoke to a couple of them in a pub downtown & they think that they are the dogs bollox.

    we obviously put them right on that front.

  10. Do you get the hump when people confuse RE with REME?
  11. I don't really get the hump, i just take my time to explain to them in words that are easy to understand, the differences between us, then rip the sh1t out of them for being a biff.

  12. Are you the on the recruiting team for the 23 pioneer regt?
    my advice join the CRE, better training, better trades, better mates and a whole lotta history
  13. Are you the on the recruiting team for the 23 pioneer regt?
    my advice join the CRE, better training, better trades, better mates and a whole lotta history[/quote]

    I guess my earlier posts went over your head.
  14. Doubt it mate he's not talking about RLC Pioneers, rather more Infantry Assault Pioneers.
  15. Do one di** head and ask some who cares!!!!