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Discussion in 'RLC' started by cdt_l/cpl, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. What exactly is the role of an Assault Pioneer? What jobs do they carry out in an operational enviroment? :?
  2. Infantry specialist skill. All abilities of Royal Engineers but without attitude, PR and over-inflated opinion of themselves.

    What do they do? Make things and then break them down - much same as RE but without the fuss
  3. Oh - and they wear beards.

    Not to be confused with RLC Pioneers.

    Try going to Sapper Forum and ask same question. Don't give them your home address though
  4. Herrumph - sounds like you were on the wrong end of a bit of 4 by 2 delivered by one of gods finest, or you should have been.
  5. Only wrong end of 4 by 2 was when I stood under anything built by "finest" - very scary

    Other than that, they were never quick enough!
  6. Bob on :thumright:
  7. Why are they allowed beards?
  8. Last time i worked with pioneers was on EX Warpaint batus i was asked by a pioneer staffy and sgt if i thought the plans they were looking at were wrong?
    Why i asked ?
    Coz you cant through a grenade 15 miles he said
    No i says thats 15 meters!!
    Thick as fcuk pioneers
  9. Whoa steady fella! bit of a sweeping generalisation there - no wonder you guys get a rep for arrogance!
    I happen to know at least one brown beret Pioneer who has a pile of A levels, a BSc, an MSc and is now reading a further degree- I have also on the other hand met some really challenged sappers. We all have our 'special' soldiers/officers.

    So lets not start calling people thickies!

    As to the original question would seriously recommend getting a trade - Assault Pioneer sounds great but its not all fun with explosives- in fact it may well be a lot of digging latrines.

  10. Yes i will admit we have some challenged sappers in our damn fine Corps. Those were the one's who decided that it was best to join us than Pioneers as they actualy wanted a qualification from the army.

    Look throughout the Army, Pioneers are known as not good enough to be Infantry and not good enough to be Engineers, so do both jobs badly.

    If you want to do engineering in the field get your arrse in to the Engineers. If you want to do Infantry get your arrse in to the Infantry.

    You want to be a general i have no proper job join the Pioneers.
  11. So what is the difference between RLC and RE Pioneer?
  12. Assault pioneers are infantry soldiers who have other tasks to perform. They are normally part of a rifle company in day-to-day life and drawn together for tasks. They blow things up, lay mines and do field defences. They can blow up bridges but with out the RE fineness ie big bang no bridge as opposed to the artistic RE method of just enough to bring it down. They are commanded by a pioneer Sgt (who can have a beard) and he can be anything from a Sgt to WOII. They are not engineers, just infantry with another job.
  13. Ok. Sorry if I offended any RE!!
  14. There is no Royal Engineer's Pioneer.

    We are a Corps of Engineers. Every soldier in The Corps of Royal Engineers is a Combat Engineer.

    All our soldiers do a Class 3 Combat Engineer Course where they learn many skills wich will aid the Armed Forces in Mobility, Counter Mobility, Survivability and Sustainability. This course lasts for 12 Weeks.

    The Combat Engineer will then do a Class 2 refresher and test after he has gained atleast one years experiance in a Regiment.

    If he/she passes this they then get the chance to do their Class 1 Combat Engineer Course lasting a further 12 Weeks. The soldiers who do this course have many years experiance in Field Engineering and have to do the Class 3 End of course Exam as their entrance Exam.

    The Royal Engineers though are not just Combat Engineers. They are Infantry soldiers, Comabt Engineers, Tradesmen and Specialists.

    As to your question whats the difference between RLC Pioneers and Royal Engineer Pioneers, well.........

    The RLC have only a couple of Pioneer Regiments, and the Corps of Royal Engineers does not have a single Pioneer in it. Just Combat Engineers.
  15. Hmm you are a special boy aren't you.

    You sound like one of the arrogant RE that give your Corps a bad name with your arrogance i suspect you are one of those that thinks you always know best but inevitably end up putting people at risk.