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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by InexperiencedIdiot, Sep 1, 2013.

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  1. Hi board, I was hoping you could clear up the process of becoming an Assault Pioneer. I have read that in order to become one I need experience in the infantry, so would I apply for this role after a few years serving in the infantry or could I immediately apply and begin training for the role just after my initial infantry training?
    This role always confused me as I thought it would be an RE trade rather than infantry (from what little I know)
  2. Swear I've seen this thread already..?
  3. Join as Inf, transfer to Pnr Pl once you have spent some time as a Rifleman, providing they have space/want you.

    Alternatively, join FR Cav unit as an assault Tpr.
  4. I’m told there has been a massive rethink on AP pls. It was an area that was allowed to drift due to most Bdes having a full RE regiment attached. As far as I can tell this is being changed and AP Pl re looked at across the board Reg and Reserve.

    Some of the tasks that were previously taught are staying the preserve of RE (Water purification for example) but there will be more emphasis on offensive action, so expect to be making up mouse hole charges/ Bangalore torpedo’s and mine field breach type stuff.
    I expect that your entry rout to this will be the same as it always was. Red arses join Bn and go to a rifle Pl to earn gain experience before moving on to specialist pls. Good luck it is a great roll, but expect to be worked hard.
  5. One of the Aslt Pnr's basic tasks should be mine clearance and basic building.

    Afghanistan should have proven the Aslt Pnr's are a basic requirement for search/clearance (Barma) and basic building (defences for FOBs and CIMIC tasks).
  6. Assulting a pioneer.......that sounds like fun!
  7. APs would BARMA better than the blokes that do it? And they'd be better at building FOBs etc than RE??
  8. That is their job!
  9. You've not actually answered the Q.
  10. A FOB could be an RE build, I would wager PBs and the like should be AP.
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  11. No building shit RE, Blowing shit up AP as I said more toward roll on offensive ops in the contingency environment rather than trying to be RE.

    Lessons learnt on Herrick but not stuck in Herrick mind set.
  12. In other words, no they cannot help. Try the AFCO.
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