Assault on a Rabbit

A lady I know has had a few problems with her chap who happens to be a brummie, he has gone to be with family for a few days but left her with a parting shot, he snapped her rabbit in half and left her with all the little plastic ball bearings to pick up.

Would you stoop so low?
Tell her to man up and buy another one. Failing that tell her to sell her cunt in a pub.
AAARRRGGGH! You git, I'm now scarred for life!
Now I have a mental image of a brummie using a dildo...

And it aint nice.
Interesting, did a search within 1 mile of my home postcode and had 2 pages of hits.
Mind you, if the Brummagen was man enough for the job, she wouldn't need a rabbit in the first place.
I am available at short notice, but she will have to help me on.
You come from Brum?

Somethings I could admit too... but if I was coming from Brum, that would not be one of them...
No mate West London.

Try doing a search on there, most enlightening.
You`re welcome to it. Only a loony would want a go on a slapper with bits of shattered plastic, ball bearings. and god knows what other bits of ironmongery rammed up there.
Now come on, this is the NAAFI, you know these guys will be asking for proof ;-)

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