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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by barnezy349, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. OK, don't know if this is the right place for it, but seems to be the best. So, i'll get on with it.

    I really really want to join the army, i've wanted to for ages and can't wait till i'm old enough (i'm 15). I want to finish my GCSEs, go to Harrogate, do my phase 2 and then get a posting (i think thats how it goes). However, i have one hell of a problem. Assaultcourseaphobia. Please don't take the piss, i'm serious. I honestly have a fear of assault courses ever since i sustained an injury on one at a cadet training day. I won't go into the injury because that goes away from the subject of the post. Anyway, i had that accident, have hated the assault courses since and in July tried to have a go on the one at Warcop. I had a panic attack and ad to be guided down, embarassingly by the PTIs and my OIC. I'm not normally reduced to tears in any way shape or form, but i was truly ashamed of myself that day and kept beating myself up about it (worst thing being that it was part of a march and shoot competition and i felt like i'd let the team down).
    What i'm wondering is, how important and essential are the assault courses to a soldier's training and development?

    And, just in case you're wondering, i'm hoping to join the AAC.
  2. If you are thinking of joining the AAC, you'll be fine. The nearest thing we have to an Assault Course is the back gate near the NAAFI at Wallop. A real challenge in the old days after coming back in methed from Choppers if it was closed.

    (In seriousness, if you get a bit wobbly lipped about a bit of scaffolding and a couple of rope swings, maybe the roughty toughty life in the Army aint for you young fellow me lad. What would you do if you had to chase some raghead mullah across a selection of ditches, tunnels, rope swings and badly pointed brick walls?? ). ;)

    Waahh rating. 3/10

    Reshow wind up at the Gd Rm, 21:00hrs.

  3. But the AAC are infantry too so don't they go through things like ITC? (I thought i knew a lot, i obviously don't) And they go through assault courses at the AFC dont they?
    If i did join up, what do you think the chances are of speain to a PTI and asking him if he can give me some personal guidance through the course when nobody's around?
    And how many mullahs wud end up chasin in the AAC? through a course like that? :lol:
  4. i hate assault courses too. although i am only an otc bod and my experience is limited. just ask some pepes in my unit about me freezing ontop of an A frame and having my sgt major help me down. you will get over it. talk to you detachment commander, explain the problem and that you do really want to join the army etc etc, see if you cant get a pti from the local ta regiment, failing that the local uotc... even we have pti's, to be honest most of us are not that much older, so perhaps less of an intimidation factor, in the mean time, monkey about on whatever u can find, there is an 8 foot wall behind my house, i jump over it for a shortcut to uni. find something similar...dont do anything illegal mind.

    When you join try chatting to your recruiting sgt, tell him/her the problem, but dont mega winge about it. its a recruiting sgt, not aunty mary the scary squaddie. see what their veiw is. Worst case scenerio (assuming you get to welbeck, ITC...wherever and pass everything else) is you get beasted round the course on a spare sunday, or back squadded (maybe, that last one is just conjecture)

    on a side line, flasheart. why are you sporting an oxygen theif label these days?? thought u were a mod etc.
  5. :lol:
  6. The navy sounds more up your street thats where they send people who are scared to do assault courses they make them scrub the decks and drop their kegs!
  7. When I joined the Infantry back in 1989, I too had a fear of all things high! and didn't like the Assualt Course one little bit, On posting to Depot I spoke to one of the PTI's who agreed to take me round the Assault Course in slow time on a Sunday, and thus help me overcome my fear of hights.

    It didn't work! but it made sure that for the rest of my time in the Infantry, I didn't have a problem with Assault Courses any more! Speak to your training PTI's when you get into training, explaine the problem and they might help! and more importantly don't join the Para's :)
  8. Confidence Course really - not Assault course. It is all about having the confidence to make that step/leap and get on/under/over the thing in front of you.
    Why not try something to help with that confidence? Climbing or something. Conquer those fears rather than beat yourself up - but explain this to any instructor - if they're worth their salt, they'll help you - especially if you've had the guts to say you have problems and want to deal with them.
  9. Cheers for advice. will do that wen i join up. When you say you didnt have a problem with assualt courses any more, do you mean they never made you do one agen?

    Oh and yer, like im ever gonna get past P Coy. :lol: But i was readin sumthin bout P Coy on the army webby last nite and it sed something like all airborne infantry go through P Coy. Do you do it n the AAC?
  10. This may be a wah, but why, if you have a problem with heights, do you want to join the AAC?

    Seriously though, if you have an issue with assault courses, the only way to get over it is to get right back on. That's the way they used to teach horse riding and, trust me, they're much scarier than assault courses - not only are they bloody high, they bite and kick too.

    If you want to break yourself in gently, you could go round to your local kiddie's playground and have a go on the swings and roundabouts. :) Just don't tell your mates or you could be in for a little ribbing.

  11. Seriously, assault courses are mainly about technique - knowing how to coordinate yourself and get your body weight and kit across the obstacles. It gets easier with practice.

    The other factor is aggression - get angry with it. take it on and don't let it beat you!

    Now repeat after me:



    'I'm a tiger'!
  12. that's the second time you seem to be confused on this point... has someone misled you about what the AAC actually do? or have you just not bothered researching it properly? they are not infantry and they are not airborne infantry.
  13. Thats the best way to do they only way I overcame my fear of heights was to do things little by little and now although I still don't like heights I but I am not scared of them. Just take it one step at time.
  14. I have spent 30 years in one uniform or another and the one thing I can assure you of is you will always find something new to terrify you. It goes with the territory. Assault courses are NOT examples of what to expect when you hit an enemy fortification but about your moral courage in adverse circumstances. I wish you all the best

  15. As long we don't drop the many kegs of beer we have available at any one time.We don't do all that assault shit since we have booties to do it for us.