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Hi guys,

Sorry another question about the phys side of things! Just a few points I was wanting to clarify before attending my main board in 8 weeks.

Are you given any allowance for failing an obstacle during obstacle course? As I'm female and absolutely suck at upper body work I'm stressing a little about the rope climb! Can anyone clarify the over all rules of the obstacle course?

Also, when I attended my briefing all the obstacles we were shown were inside (I think this was because of a female group) but is there also a second obstacle/assault course that has to be completed outside? If so, could anyone tell me what to expect?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Don't start working on your excuses just yet, 8 weeks is plenty of time to sort out your upper body strength to meet the relatively light demands of AOSB. Go to a gym and get sorted out with a programme now. Rope climbing requires a certain amount of technique so find someone to show you how to do it properly.

There is really no excuse at all for failing any of the physical tests at AOSB, unless you pick up an injury whilst you are there. You are not required to be an Olympic athlete but you do have to demonstrate that you can motivate yourself to meet the basic physical standards required.
Hi, did main board back in November and thought I was well prepared for all aspects of it ... then I came across the Assault course.

On main board you will use the outside course (which is harder). Do as many pull ups as you can from now until main board because you will need it on the Assault course. You will constantly be pulling yourself/over things, e.g. the wall. Also I'd do a lot of interval training (mixed in with long distance running) as you will need to 'explode off' from a starting position quite frequently. I passed all the other fitness tests quite easily but my upper body strength was rubbish so did pretty appallingly on the Assault course - hardest 3 mins exercise you will do.

The "outdoor obstacle course" as they call it is awesome. But if you can't pull yourself up a rope, or suspend from a rope you will fail over half of the obstacles. The female wall is only like 5/6ft.

I can't comment too much on it because I did the male version but it was great fun! Get fit now!
The rope isn't hard. You just need to be able to jump, hold your body weight and swing your legs onto the platform. Get working now and put away the excuses!
I'll flog a dead horse if I may. These have been mentioned before, but I don't think I have found out exactly how high the hurdles are, also how long is the long jump?
Either answer would be much appreciated!
i dunno about the course from blokes and ladies and how it differs, but when i did my main board i found the wall more challenging aftert the 3rd time round as on the rope as somebody (apologies shit brain) said before its technique and you can use you legs tyo a certain degree if you're struggling. The DS in my syndicate let me move on to another obstacle after i failed the wall so as to notch up more obstacles passed. However you must complete all the obstacles so just hit the gym, pull ups are a must even if you hate doing them
Rope climb?

I know that there's a rope swing, but didn't think you actually had to climb one?
It's not really a rope climb. If you do it how they direct all you'd have to do is reach as high as possible, grip, then swing your legs up onto the platform.

Though according to the sergeant who directed our main board, the best scoring recruit on the course actually just climbed it hand over hand and stepped off the rope.

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