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Evening all,

I recently got my Cat1 at the AOSB Briefing and hope to do my Main Board once my Uni' final exams are over in May. I was very comfortable with the mental side of things, and I also found the MSFT very easy as I'm an extremely fit person who trains alot. (cocky you say? :D )


I had an absolutely shockingly bad assault course time. I didn't clear any of the hurdles, basically because I forgot how to jump... sounds stupid I know but my technique was aweful. I had to attempt the long jump twice. Couldn't get over the Wall (I'm 5'10 and can easily do 20 chin-ups.. so I was shocked if anything at my failure on this!) And I had to do the rope jump thing 3 times cause I kept grabbing it too low.

So basically, the Assault course was a huge kick ***********! I realised that I don't know how to jump and I cant climb over a wall! Despite the fact I'm a very fit person and I do alot of weight training... I was shocked at how much I was struggling on a seemingly simple assault course!

My question to you lot is basically: How do you prepare for the assault course? What exercises/training would you recommend? - It's amazing that I can run a marathon, but I can't jump over a hurdle... my agility and technique must be horrible...




Good day,

Usually with assault courses, there is an introduction by a PTI to each obstacle and the best techniques to approach them.
If you know any British army lads in Dublin, ask if he/she knows of any local PTIs. (either serving or ex) This is their bread and butter and I'm sure they'd be glad to help. It is about Technique.
Was there a smarty tube type thing? I have nightmares about things like that but my brother reckons your out before you know it.
It's all about technique and attitiude. So you can run a marathon and ponce around like a gym queen, but do you have the drive to accomplish the assault course?
Micheal Jordan once said:
“I've always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. I don't do things half-heartedly. Because I know if I do, then I can expect half-hearted results.” But then again, he is a girly spam chuffer!

Like Trahere says, listern to he PTI on the day and follow their instructions.

Dig deep. The assault course is designed to be a fcuker, so mentally practice the obsticles on the briefing and kiss ass..

All else fails watch Dave on cable for old series' of the Krypton Factor and then when you see old knackers poncing about the assault course trying to look clever, and being smug on the intelligence test's, it'll prepare you for your future career as an officer.


War Hero
Step one: Walk into a local council estate.
Step two: Approach someone other than white british
Step three: Spout a burst of racial abuse
Step four: Run like F**K

You'll soon learn how to negate obstacles quickly
and if you don't
you'll recieve a good dose of motivation to do so next time :)
Dandy-Angus said:
Bet you cant wait to do an assault course in 30 pound of kit , helmet n rifle after tabbing a good few miles whilst dragging a trailer? An old OC of mine used to arrange these special days on a weekly basis, have fun ! :D

Now I'm jealous. Hold on . . . . .I've just cum! Mmmm!


Was at the briefing today and was between 30-40s on the 5 piece obstacle be honest just approached each thing with a bit of technique and a whole lot of aggression.
Long jump you get a massive run up e.g. 15m, because you've just come off the hurdle. So really if you keep your momentum it shouldn't be hard.
The wall? Jump and get elbows on top, after that you should be able to simply swing your leg over.

Hurdles admittedly didn't feel natural, but practise jumping and bringing knees into the chest?
J_E_P said:
The wall? Jump and get elbows on top, after that you should be able to simply swing your leg over.


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