I think I have answered this one before but I'll expand in case I gave the wrong impression...

Your original question on another thread asked whether your brother could use it. There ARE PTIs at 5 Trg Regt who could take him over it, but it is not routinely used and it is not a NATO standard assault Cse.

So yes, it could be in use but only as part of structured training. And no, your brother can't use it in his own time...who does he think he is, Jungle Jim the performing monkey?
From what I remember of CMS(R) he won't have time the time/energy/inclination to play on the Assault Cse and it's purely there for the entertainment of the DS....
Thanks for your reply - what he wants to know is - is used on the two tafs 2
course -

the reason for this is becausemy brother broke his leg last year on an assault course and i was just trying to make him not worry too much!
even thougth i would imagine at some time he better get used to going on one..but it was something he asked me and i was just trying to anwser his question..
Yup - you don't get to use the assault course on 2 week CMS (R) TA at Grantham
But you do get a good look at it as you march round the base during the two practices for CFT that you undertake in the first week.
Wombleboy said:
Yup - you don't get to use the assault course on 2 week CMS (R) TA at Grantham
It was in use about 5 or 6 years ago, when I was at Grantham.

Have health & safety regs changed, to cause it to be no longer used?
I think in the case of the CMS(R) there isn't the time to take everyone around it and they rely on the CFT (and two practices ) for the PT side of things.

The course was used, under appropriate supervison, by a group of Potential Officers while I was there though (last year)

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