Assault charge.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Fat_tankie_9/12, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. A quick question to any one in the know.

    I was involved in a scuffle on Christmas eve. A group of my mates and family against some chav scum. We acted in defence but then bugged out. They stayed and give there statements to the Police straight away.

    A few weeks later one of my mates got pulled in and explained that all of the 3 guys we had a fight with blamed a different member of my group for swinging the first punch. So 3 statements and 3 different friends of mine that swung the first punch. My friends solicitor said this would be laughed out of any court as there is no cctv and 3 conflicting statements.

    They have been asking for me and my friend to interview for the last 3 months but we have not been in the UK.

    My question is, are the police just chasing us for a interview because they have to hear off everyone to close the case. Or do they think they can still get a conviction on us. My friend was told they want to press charges of 2 serious assaults and 3 minor assaults.

  2. They probably want to gather all relevant evidence then decide what to do. Of course one of you might crack and confess!
  3. Thats what we were thinking. Although a few of them deploy to Afgan next week. So they will struggle to get there interviews for 8 months.
  4. So there were quite a few of you against 3 'chavs'?
  5. No there where 4 of us and one did not fight. There were 7 of them and 4 of there friends flew the white flag.
  6. 9/12, if the Police want a statement that bad from you, then they will contact you personnaly, passing information on third hand is not good practice. If I was you I'd get your mate in the UK to find out the crime reference number and contact the force involved. Counter allegations are almost always NFA'd (No Further Action) unless there is strong eveidence to prove otherwise.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Check out Rumpole, with the awkward questions.

  8. Ahem M'Lud, objection........stacker's a known smartarse.
  9. Methilman. Thank you that is top advice. Puts my mind a bit more at ease.

  10. Okay mate, PM me if you need anymore advice, I am well qualified to give it.
  11. I on the other hand am not well qualified, although I once watched an episode of the Sweeney.

    never the less. . .

    I would not be in a hurry to give a statement to the police. If they happen to catch up with you so be it but I wouldn't be desperate to do their job for them.
    If they interviewed you or any one else I wouldn't give them any details apart from confirming my name and address.
    Let them try to amass the evidence that you were there and who threw the first punch. If they can't actually get the evidence in a reasonable time this might have "not for prosecution" written all over it.
  12. Or you could point out that the OB can send a Furtherance to the RMP unit that covers the area and statements will be recorded in theatre.
  13. My advice would be that, when questioned by the OB, lay it on thick about them starting it. Even if you weren't, tell them that you had an honest held belief that the chavs in question were going to give you and your mates a shoeing, and that you acted in self defense. Common law does give you a right to perform a preemptive strike if you are in fear of violence.

    If and when plod get round to getting in touch. PM me and I'll talk you through it if you need a few pointers.

    But if you're willing to punch a chav then you're all right by me and welcome to marry my sister any day.

  14. Brilliant mate. I think the is the path we are going to try. Just play the numbers game and say we felt threatend. Thank you for your help.