assault by penis

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by haggler, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. He only wanted to play truncheons.
  2. Been done already.
  3. surely this would be prosecuted as indecent exposure and hence a sex offence- if he was prosecuted for assualt he should be thankful for being so lucky. I was dragged over the coals a s ajunior soldier for pissing in a shop doorway aged 16 - as it was reported by a 'shocked' female, they went for indecent exposure. Lucky to get away with that one and never pissed on the piss since!!

    Flopping john-boy in a rozers face - fcuk me, hope he bought a lottery ticket that day
  4. Just as well his 'swollen member' wasn't stuffed into the neck of a whiskey bottle..... that would have been a tad more painful...... for the Geezer when the Rozzers tried to remove the him from the bottle.... :p
  5. Aye, and the Pope's Jewish.
  6. ffs...he waves the 1 appendage that would have given her virtually total control over him and she throws her hands up in shock and runs away squealing!! A quick smack on the bell end with her truncheon followed by a swift smash with her boot heel when he hit the deck would've quieted the little sod down sharpish!Pfft....girls idea!
  7. Hey Big Bird, I love it when you talk dirrrrty. But less violence please, more filth.
  8. How disappointing.

    When I read the title of this thread, I thought John Prescott had clobbered somebody again.
  9. Tsk..see now what she should have done is opened her gob and bit the bugger off.
    That'd learn him :D
    Honestly lasses today, no imagination. :lol:
  10. Fear the dickslap ho! He probably thought she was a stripper or something...
  11. He should have got off, after all it was assault with a "Friendly" weapon!!??
  12. And not a Mention of 3 Para Mortars..........
  13. FFS. What was she doing kneeling down in front of him, or bent down. That's the only way he could have stood up and thrust his tool at her face. He was probably so pissed, that he thought she was a strippergram.

    I can't understand why the police in Aberdeen responded to the call, being shitfaced is par for the course there.