Assault boots have died...

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by picketdriver, Nov 26, 2011.

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  1. In fact two pairs in as many weeks!
    Just done CFT and they disintergrated, fine when I started. Chunks fallen off and big splits through to the inners, all in 8 miles!
  2. Issued ones?
  3. Bring back DMS. :)
  4. Take them to the Clothing Store and exchange them then you ******* thick ****.
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  5. Ah, I see you're in the TAs and probably just wanted to tell the internet of your achievement in walking 8 miles at a moderate pace.

    Well done you. Take next week off (apart from 2hrs on Tues).
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  6. They have a finite life span don't they? Just depends when they decide to disintegrate normally during a cft or just after you finished bulling them for a parade.
  7. I've broken three laces on my boots in the past month. Do I get a medal?
  8. Get some boot zips its the future :)
  9. Change them more regularly.

    I doubt they looked completely NEW, did they? Were they 'slicks' but were so comfy you couldn't bear to exchange them?
  10. Stores is for storing!!
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  11. I buy RM Williams boots from Australia - about 350 dollars US a pair. You can wear them out of the shop they are that comfortable. Robert the cobbler in Northcamp re soled mine a few weeks ago and he reckoned they were very well built.

    But then I don't have to do drill in them and bull them and all that. But they do get immersed in water daily and are exposed to tropical heavy jungle and rocky terrain use (albeit slowly these days).
  12. I've had 2 pairs do this. Apparently there was a bad batch made.

    I don't think so, they're just shite.
  13. Still using the combat boots I was issued in the 80's. Getting a bit slick though...
  14. Stop wearing Magnums numpty !!
  15. Yep - no traction on 'em. Except the nutty ones and even those are only usefull in the Arctic.