Assault at work


Really annoyed by this.

Lady we know works part in a private care home as an office administrator. Started covering for somebody who is off sick and that turned into a Permanent role

Place is in shit order, complete admin vortex, useless manager and proprieters never seen. Until now.

Last week she is doing some paperwork and the lights go out. One of the bonkers residents had lamped her with a bottle.

Ended up in A&E, stiches, x rays, scans but only because one of the visitors had taken her.

Duty Manager didn't call Ambulance, Police nor has entered it in incident book. In fact now trying to say it was an accident despite witnesses.

So she calls Plod herself immediately verbally fired by one of the owners who as if by magic had turned up in a state of utter panic soon after Police arrived and started asking questions.

Smells a giant rat possibly not entirely disconnected from some entertaining business and employment practices

Taking legal advice in employment terms but who else just might be interested in such matters?

I mean apart from Home Office, HSE, HMRC, Local Authority, Regulators etc....
threaten to call Channel 4 Dispatches (and settel out of court :) ) The threat of the Press can often do far more to prusuade than the threat of the authorities.

Not an entirely frivolous suggestion.
The Police et al need evidence that will stand up in court. As G4S discovered TV and public opinon don't need the same standard of evidence as a Court and can have a far greater effect on the business.
even it if were an accident, and not an assault it should have been recorded in the accident book (which can be done by anyone)

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Quite a few care homes have been closed suddenly in my county after investigations following incident like this
the owners are very good at spending the money on their affluent lifestyles
and care providers are even worse for it

mess pres

Home office for immigration straight away. CQC as already said. HSE as well, manager needs a shake as do the owners. Is it nursing or residential. If nursing complain to the clinical commissioning group who are buying beds in that home. If residential speak to the local authority who will be buying beds in that home.
.....and drop a gentle hint, that it is now on the internet, and in the public domain, that should shake things up. It done the job on Musk, RE:- the Pedo slur on the cave rescue hero.
.....and drop a gentle hint, that it is now on the internet, and in the public domain, that should shake things up. It done the job on Musk, RE:- the Pedo slur on the cave rescue hero.
It might not be the wisest idea to gob off about "reporting them to the interwebs" to an employer against whom legal action may be forthcoming.

But then again, you are quite old and doddery and employment is but a thing of your distant past.
If you mean she sustained a head injury resulting in loss of consciousness then strictly that is a RIDDOR reportable injury and an offence has been committed if it hasn't been reported..

Reportable incidents - RIDDOR - HSE
And likewise, looking ahead, if there were any further health problems relating to the head injury, the first question asked would be, `Was it recorded in an incident log, accident book?`

Best to cross the i`s and t`s earlier rather than later.


I would say it is turning ugly but the behaviour of the prat owner is so stupid that her lawyer burst out laughing when she forwarded an email formally dismissing her today for "gross misconduct" which was...
her calling the Police to report an assault without his prior authorisation because it involved an physical attack by a resident.

That would of course be the resident who according to him had never assaulted her in the first place.

There followed baseless accusations, wibble about some other possible acts of unspecified misconduct, half baked threats of legal action and rounded it off with deeply unwise references to "false and inflated" expenses claims together with a demand for repayment in full of the various claims attached and threats to report her to Police for theft.

Unfortunate then that all of the expense claims were actually made by her predecessor.


Have a heart.
The perpetrator was probably “vulnerable” and thus deserves our sympathy

Well it works for most news reports these days, whatever the fk we interpret it to mean
I'd say, reading between the lines that if any kind of investigation takes place, the owners mud button will be twitching like a rabbits nose.


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Report to the police, take photos of injuries, make a written account of the event, and most importantly get a lawyer.

Don't go to CQC or make any approach to press or (former) employer as that may prejudice your case.

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