Assassins Creed

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Ritch, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. Hi Guys. Just bought an XBox 360 with COD4. Brilliant game but I was thinking about purchasing A.C before a friend told me it was a pile of utter bollocks. Any views as to the game?

    Oh and could you lot post some replies fairly sharpish as I'm in town, waiting on your reviews whether to go buy it or not today.

  2. lets put it this way

    £40ish new single player only
    no online games

    my 2 kids finihed it in 4 days and have now resold it back to game for £13

    Make you own mind up mate,

    Stick with COD 4 imo best online game ever!!!
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    YEP. Loved it, ran through it in about three days, just to finish it. Now restarted and doing all the missions and submissions and having great fun.
  4. I was looking at getting it over Christmas but was also put off by a lot of negative views I found after scouting around the net, The main opinions I found were that yes it looks great and you can fully explore the environment but the missions were very repetitive. Then I went into gamestation and saw that there were way more pre-owned copies of AC on the 360 shelves than any other game, and that was within 3 weeks of release, nuf said as far as I was concerned
  5. Good game, looks stunning - but very repetitive.

    Get Condemned 2 - It is a brilliant game - and scary as fuck!

  6. I found it to be an okay game. Relatively interesting plot and stunning graphics but it's horribly repetitive. I wouldn't waste my money on it if I were you!
  7. Far too repetative, great concept, but boring after a while. Didn't complete it, flogged it on ebay instead and got most of my cash back.
  8. Agree with what everyone else says, you do the same three or four missions over and over and over again.

    Stunning looking and fun at first but god knows why they didn't put in a few more missions.

    Still worth playing but knock a couple of points off any review you read.
  9. Can I suggest you rent it at blockbusters. Its £5.95 for 7 days. You can complete it in that time and if you really really like it you can buy a pre-owned copy from them for about £30 or cheaper.

    Cheaper than buying the game for £40 and then getting about a tenner back for exchanging it, if you don't rate it?
  10. Just keep playing COD4, you can't be at prestige level 10 yet. New maps due out for it(This month i am told)
  11. Bollocks, just had my ebay copy of A.C arrive today, was looking forward to playing it until I read this thread.
  12. It's still a good game, worth it for wondering around amazing looking medievil cities, and the fighting is fun, just expect to be doing the same 4 or 5 tasks over and over.

    It just could have been so much better and is overated.
  13. **TOP IDEA**

    Slow to start but a good game none the less....Still COD4 best online game going... Maybe we should start an ARRSE clan!?

  14. Cheers Guys. I couldn't wait for your advice though and went and bought a second hand copy for 18 quid. Played it, got bored and just traded the bastard back in for £9! Argh.

    Oh by the way, another game you should avoid like the plague is John Woo's Stranglehold. WHAT AN UTTER PIECE OF SHITE!
  15. Good but repetetive and I finsihed it in a week