Assassin's Creed III

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Empty_Vacuum, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. New trailer has just been released and I'd like to say it looks good but I can't help but feel the theme is a tad crap. The video shows the new assassin, that seems to be of Native American decent, killing British redcoats during the War of Independence. With a cut scene to George Washington badgering on about slavery and freedom , it seems that the assassin is fighting against the British. This seems like a real shame that Ubisoft is trying to please the US audience rather than creating a neutral character that can fight with both the loyalists and the republicans. So fellow ARRSErs, what do you think of the new trailer?

    Assassin's Creed® III
  2. Hmmm. Not impressed if it is all against the British.

    Having watched the trailer without sound I didn't hear old Georgy say anything about slavery & freedom. But bearing ion mind they were all for slavery, and wanted to expand into the Indian territories that the British said were out of bounds for expansion. It looks like a steaming pile of pro-USA shit.

    A shame as I liked the Assassins Creed series.
  3. That looks pony. AC used to be about bouncing around amazing cityscapes: Florence, Rome, Jerusalem, Constantinople. Now what? Log-built colonial settlements of (at most) ten thousand people and miles and miles of forest. Yawn.
  4. My nephew just sent me this link.

    Not All English Are Evil.

    So maybe you do get kill American patriots as well as the evil oppressors of liberty.
  5. ******* hell!
    I thought the americans didn't do irony!