Assassination attempt on PQ leader

Discussion in 'Canada' started by DavidBOC, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. Breaking news from Montreal tonight.

    PQ won the most seats the election for the National Assembly of Quebec and the leader Mme Marois was about to start her victory speech at the Metropolis theater when a man entered the theatre and fired shots. Mme was rushed off the stage by her protection team (SQ I think). She was unhurt but two were reported injured and the news just said there are reports that one individual is dead.

    Shooter is apparently a bearded middle aged man wearing dark shirt pyjamas and a blue bathrobe based on the video I saw. In the live video I saw police with the apparent weapon which appeared to be a rifle although there were reports the man had a handgun also.

    Video available here:
    PQ's minority victory celebration upset by shooting - Quebec Votes 2012 - CBC News

    and here

    Marois wins minority in Quebec election, security scare cuts speech short | CTVNews

    Edited to add an update. Also the man with the gun apparently started a fire in the rear of the building as he fled, just before he was captured.
  2. Sounds like he was a sleeper.
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  3. Just a harmless schizoid somnambulist like myself, I apparently murder loads of people in my sleep!
  4. Oh Christ, this will get the anti-gun nuts into a feeding frenzy about the scrapping of the long gun registery.
  5. I was thinking exactly the same. Apparently the shooter was shouting "The English are waking up" in French when arrested.
  6. Well at least he wasn't looking for trouble with the tongue troopers...
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  7. Violating Bill 101 probably carries harsher penalties than murder.

    When my son lived in Montreal I made sure I knew how to say "Double Double and a Dutchy" for when I stopped at a Tim's.

    Sadly the language laws have driven a lot of business and jobs out of Canada. When I was a kid my dad made a lot of business trips to Montreal a it was the commercial hub of Canada, now all has flown to Toronto.

    Quebec is killing business and healthcare. A young friend who grew up in Montreal and her US husband were in their last year of residency at Royal Victoria and Children's Hospital respectively. Quebec has decided to deal with doctor shortages by telling them where they have to work. For this couple the husband was to to work in Montreal and the wife had to work in a community nearly a 3 hour drive away, a 6 hour commute if they wanted to live together. Being very qualified young doctors they looked around and had offers from hospitals in Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa. They are now very happy in Ottawa and the husband just became Canadian and gave up his US passport. And Quebec wonders why they are short of docs. It is sad to see this happen to Canada
  8. I'll be visiting Quebec in about a month, and am curious as to how it compares to my childhood memories of it. My French extends to decyphering the menu, ordering a beer, and booking a hotel room.
  9. Latest pic of the culprit.
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  10. In Montreal the real challenge is deciphering the parking signs which often say something (in French) "Parking permitted on the odd numbered side of the street only on even numbered days of the month except on months which contain the letter "r""
    Some streets have 4 or 5 signs on each pole to cover all the varying regulations.

    Griping aside, Montreal is a great city to visit.
  11. Dammit, I have got to stop reading the viewers comment on What a bunch of parochial retards.
  12. So many comments there are from tofu braiders:

    Its all Harper's fault

    It's all Harper's fault


    I have many friends in Canada as well as a few beautiful Godkids and follow Canada more than the average person from "down south" (i.e. Massachusetts) so follow Canadian news a lot. Lots of comments on conflict of an Anglo/Franco nature but the bathrobe avenger is a lunatic, pure and simple. Lunatics cover the entire political spectrum.