Assassination attempt on El Presidente?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Schleswig-Holstein, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. The BBC are reporting that Bolivian police have shot and killed three foreign mercenaries that were plotting to kill Evo Morales, the President of Bolivia...

    Although I'm intrigued as to what Hugo et al will make of this, but the interesting thing is that rumours hint that one of the now dead would-be assassins was Irish...

    Alternatively, the Big Issue sellers from Belfast have really upped their game...
    apologies for awful translation, had to rely on google translator
  3. Nice one! :D
  4. I suspect Hugo will see the hand of the CIA in it all somewhere.
  5. Am I missing something here, why would Croat mercenaries go all the way South to whack Morales?
  6. Money!?! :)
  7. 2 of the "Croats" are from Bolivia. Flores was born in Bolivia but has a Hungarian father and fought for the Croats in the war, and mario tadic is a Bolivian of Croatian extraction who also fought for the Croats and was living there until recently.
  8. Ahhh , makes more sense, thanks Mali.
  9. In fact as I understand it none of those involved were born in Croatia, in fact the only one with any real family connections to the country would be Mario Tadic.

    Eduardo Rozsa Flores - Bolivian/Hungarian/took Croatian nationality after fighting for them in the war - - dead
    Mayarosi Ariad - Hungarian - dead
    Michael Martin Dryer - Irish - dead
    Elot Toazo - Hungarian born/took Croatian nationality after war - Captured
    Mario Tadic - born Bolivia/took croatian nationality after the war - wounded & captured

    They were all it seems ex members of Flores's group the PIV which fought in eastern Croatia around Osijek in 91/92.
  10. Mali did it give the age of the Irish chap.
  11. No, I have no info on the Irish chappie other than he was also supposedly an ex member of Flores unit. Neither I nor anybody I know (that I have so far been in touch with) has heard of the Irish bloke before.
  12. Thanks
  13. Recent photo of Eduardo Flores

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