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Assange seeks asylum

Reports are popping up that Assange is seeking asylum and is in the protection of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Do innocent people jump bail and seek political asylum when they are only extradited for questioning on a criminal matter? I mean, Sweden of all places! Not exactly a hotbed of torture is it? So why the drama?

Unless of course he's guilty of the sexual assault charges.
Well jumping bail is one way of pissing off your friends and puts more than a little doubt on your innocence as to the assault charges. More to the point, jumping bail and seeking asylum means that he is will more than likely end up in Ecuador, and if he thought he was not safe from the CIA in Sweden, he's a sitting target in Ecuador.
True enough. Cost the UK taxpayer a fortune on appeal after appeal, and when it all looks like it's not going your way, jump bail and leave.

If he had won the first hearing, that would have been that and he would be shouting how the court had proved his 'innocence'.
This twerp put him up for a year Vaughan Smith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
at this place Ellingham Hall, Norfolk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Smith's father was a Queen's Messenger and a colonel in the Grenadier Guards.[1] Smith was an officer in the same regiment, serving in Northern Ireland, Cyprus and Germany. Smith captained the Army shooting team[1] and won the inter-army rifle shooting championship. Prior to setting up Frontline News TV, he was briefly a microlight test pilot

But he did kick him out after a year.
Nobody else drew inference from the timing of the allegation of "rape" then?

I think he should be locked up for the data dump he did, ignoring the personal security of the ground-level individuals he was revealing information about. Apparently the US don't have the laws to prosecute a foreign national for this?
He really is the total package, he cares not one witt about those supporters, the accusations or his victims. Its me, me, me all the way. Here,s a tip Julian, man up and face your accusers, this has nothing to do with the USA, they would of had you trussed up like a turkey if they so wished.


Book Reviewer
The other strange thing is Assange's choice of place to flee to. Considering his crusade for free speech and freedom of informaton, why would he choose to go to the country with the most oppressed media in S America?

ecuador - Google Search
He hasn't fled anywhere. He's written to them to discuss the possibility of political asylum.

Probably worth standing down Dog the bounty hunter in the meantime.
Why can't the CO's provide a "completely and totally love it" button.

I hope all the loveys who posted money lose it.
Julian Assange granted bail: live updates | News | guardian.co.uk

see 4:21pm

Mark Stephens, Assange's lawyer, said Assange could be in custody for several days until the £200,000 is security is raised.

Stephens added that a total of £1m in sureties had been pledged to support Assange's bail application.

Vaughn Smith, one of the people offering security, is the founder of the FrontLine club in west London. Once he is released, Assange will stay at Smith's estate, Ellingham Hall, in Suffolk, and report to a nearby police station at Bungay every evening

2.57pm: Sarah Saunders, a restaurant designer and friend of Assange, signs document offering £150,000 as surety, writes Vikram Dodd. She says it is almost all the money she has.

2.46pm: Vaughan Smith, from the Frontline club, has been put forward as someone offering surety

"Bianca Jagger sitting as probable surety next to Helena Kennedy

1.26pm: My colleague Vikram Dodd managed to catch a word with the film director Ken Loach before he went into the court.

Loach said he would provide surety of £20,000 for Assange and added that at least six or seven other people would do the same. He said Assange deserved to be released today. "If there is any justice, he must do," he said

Should that be £s? All the celebs last week, including Jemima Khan, John Pilger and Ken Loach were offering £20,000.
I'm all for fair treatment, due process and rule of law. However, this twunt is taking the piss. Can't plod look the other way while the big SUVs from Grosvenor Square rock up and and a small plane departs Northolt for Gitmo about an hour later? Failing that, just off him?
Fixed your typo for you.


Book Reviewer
He really is the total package, he cares not one witt about those supporters, the accusations or his victims.
Can we start a book on which of Assange's celebrity supporters will be the first to say he skipped bail because he couldn't get justice in the UK and isn't the UK justice system a disgrace.

I'd give it less than two days...



Book Reviewer
Can we start a book on which of Assange's celebrity supporters will be the first to say he skipped bail because he couldn't get justice in the UK and isn't the UK justice system a disgrace.

I'd give it less than two days...

You are aware that he hasn't 'skipped bail' right?

The co-founder and director of WikiLeaks,Julian Paul Assange has an estimated net worth of $1.3 million.

Julian Assange reportedly made £1m ($1.3 million) from writing an autobiography according to Sunday Times.He also has a contract with the Alfred A. Knopf, his American publisher, with an amount of $800,000 dollars and he would receive worth £325,000, from a British deal with Canongate

I wonder how he will pay it back if it does get called in ( although Sixty is correct, this looks like the last legal gasp and he's not over the wire yet) - Mastercard??
Associated Press: "Ecuador's foreign minister says Wilikeaks chief Julian Assange has taken refuge in the South American nation's embassy in London and is seeking political asylum. Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino says Ecuador is weighing the request."


I particularly like the bit in quotes. :)


Book Reviewer
You are aware that he hasn't 'skipped bail' right?
If taking refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy and asking for political asylum isn't skipping bail - no he hasn't.

Good on Assange - I particularly appreciated the way he released unredacted documents on Wikileaks containing the names of interpreters, etc, who'd helped out the coalition forces in Afghanistan. That must have really helped their future pension prospects.

He looks as guilty as a puppy next to a pile of poo. If he was innocent of the charges in Sweden he should man up and have his day in court. If the cnut pops up in Ecuador it will be open season with a bonus being offered for creativity. The twunt didn't give a twirling fcek about who he might have endangered in the field with the data dumps. Here's hoping for a messy ending somewhere in a dark alley in Quito.

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