Assange gets RTU'd!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fingers_1661, Feb 24, 2011.

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  1. Still got 7 days to appeal though so not on the bus yet.
  2. ....and we'll have to foot the bill for all the legal wrangling in the short term....just bin the ******. **** his human rights.....why should we pay. If has nothing to worry about then he should be fine......Heathrow Terminal 5 is calling.
  3. I think in this case that might be a very big IF.
  4. I don't care either has a taxi number? **** it, I'll drive him myself!
  5. Aye but he has human rights,don't he.And if those rights included running rings around the legal system that's what will happen.Cherry Bliar will come to his rescue.
  6. Isn't it interesting how Assange's fifteen minutes of fame and all the Wikileaks-has-changed-the-world nonsense has now evaporated? With any luck he'll disappear into some legal labyrinth (or prison) in either Sweden or the United States and we won't hear of him again.

    I think dear Julian is about to discover the downside of his adolescent posturing on the internet, where it was so much fun to play with the lives and secrets of others.

    Retribution's a b*tch isn't it Julian?
  7. For those who would still seek to defend the smug, haircut needing, geeky twat I'd recommend watching the Panaroma programme on him and wikileaks that ran last month. Showed him for the seedy, nasty, little attention whore that he is with his former right hand man, The Guardian and a Socialist Icelandic MP giving him a good slagging. Including a Guardian reporter recounting how the great defender of freedom didn't want to censor the documents to protect Afghan informants as they deserved to die for helping the Western forces. Off you **** :) and take Jemima Khan and your other **** supporters with you.
  8. Go screw yourselves, you gutless fascist *********. Assange is an Australian and we're not going to let him be railroaded into an American concentration camp by any number of bent British judges.
  9. What are you going to do about you inbred convict fuckwit? He's going and your wanky little country can't do **** all about it :) . Also for your information the judge himself stated that his ruling was based primarily upon EU agreements and Assange's solicitor even spoke about how there was nothing the judge could do. So I eagerly await your rant against the evil facist EU. Or do people have to be American to be evil?
  10. Cnutbag..............
  11. Oh dear....and I'm sure no Australian military or intelligence personnel were placed in danger as a result of Assange's activities? Either way, I doubt that Assange or his celebrity supporters would give a damn.

    Quick question - which of the two following Australians is the more admirable? Admiration being here based on real courage, not the pseudo-courage of an ‘activist’…

    Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith VC with his daughters.jpg
  12. You do raise a good point, albeit in a wanky kind of a way; Australian Assange, who Sweden wants to extradite and the US wants to 'talk' to…. nothing to do with us so what's the tosspot doing here?
    Drag the weirdly pale twat back to your place and you can puff your chest out all you want, chain yourself to him, etc etc, but as he's decided to 'grace' us with his presence- presumably because he knew he'd be fairly treated here- you're looking a bit daft there cobber.
  13. Yeah why didn't he hop onto a plane/tramp steamer/passing Flipper and go home when the shit first hit the fan?
  14. Quite right, send him on and hopefully we can get back to how things used to be with that nice Mr Mandleson telling us everything he thinks we need to know.

    Bloody activists, that'll teach him for breaking into the US computer system and downloading all that stuff.

    Plus he's funny looking, so **** him, let the deniable waterboarding commence - at least it's not torture.