Assange about to do a bunk...

Assange's accuser in Sweden says he removed his johnny while shagging.

Man who removed condom during sex with prostitute jailed for 12 years | Daily Mail Online

A man who removed his condom during consensual sex with a prostitute has been jailed for 12 years for raping her.
Lee Hogben, 35, ignored his victim's repeated objections and carried on having unprotected sex with her in a room at the four-star Royal Bath Hotel in Bournemouth, Dorset.


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If you are in any doubt as to how low Assange is willing to go

Mueller Report: Assange Smeared Rich to Cover for Russians
Scroll down and read the meeting between the CEO of Twitter and the POTUS. That sums up the self centred, narcissistic twat. He wants to berate the CEO that he has lost followers. No sir, says the CEO, we just removed bots and fake accounts that were following you.

Nice to see White House meetings are for important things.
50 weeks/Wikileaks ... a judge with a sense of humour?
Look on the bright side, he is unlikely to get time off for good behaviour.
Look on the bright side, he is unlikely to get time off for good behaviour.
Particularly if he smears shit up the walls of HMP Belmarsh.


HMP Belmarsh followed by US Federal Prison doing 20 to 60 years without parole
Fair's fair. The Swedish rape charges are an utter joke.

Assange potted a bird sans condom.

The next night he potted her friend - Again sans condom.

Friends compare notes a week later - In Sweden that's rape!

Assange - Possible sex pest, yes. Rapist in any other jurisdiction. No

Sweden has learnt a lot about rape in the seven years that JA jailed himself in the Ecuadorian embassy.

Assange needs locking up simply for giving Bradley Manning airtime. I'm all for that. Assange is a useless idiot.

Assange's behavior back in 2011 wouldn't warrant rape charges in Brisbane, Manchester, Los Angeles, Johannesburg or Auckland - now or ever.

They wouldn't rate a charge of rape in Stockholm these days either.

They've got bigger fish to fry.

Plenty of fish. Many many fish...
Just for the record, Two UK High Court judges say you’re talking bollocks:

109: On this approach, then intentional penetration achieved by coercion or where consent is lacking to the knowledge of the defendant would be considered to be rape. In our view on this basis, what was described in the EAW was rape. Coercion evidences knowledge of a lack of consent and lack of a reasonable belief in consent. A requirement of proof of coercion, if that is what Swedish law requires, is a more onerous test for the prosecution to satisfy than the test for consent in the 2003 Act; it necessarily means however that the allegation that the defendant knew of the absence of consent or had no reasonable belief in consent, is made out in the description of the offence.

116: If, contrary to our view, it was necessary to consider the law of England and Wales, the issue would relate to SW's lack of consent and Mr
knowledge and belief. We have considered the general issue of consent at paragraphs 79 to 91. Our view is, as we have set out, that a jury would be entitled to find that consent to sexual intercourse with a condom is not consent to sexual intercourse without a condom which affords protection. As the conduct set out in the EAW alleges that Mr
knew SW would only have sex if a condom was used, the allegation that he had sexual intercourse with her without a condom would amount to an allegation of rape in England and Wales.
Assuming the Yanks get their extradition request in on time I imagine (unless it is summarily dismissed) the process could take a long time to resolve as it would seem likely that St. Assange will appeal and appeal again.

It would seem then that the process could well linger on well past his release date from the current skipping bail term now being served, so presumably he would be remanded in custody while extradition is being considered, unless he gets bailed of course.

Who would say that our soft touch system would definitely not grant that and upon walking out of court he hails a taxi to take him straight to the Russian embassy....
I though Sweden had 'first dibs' on him?
My understanding is that the original Swedish rape charge was dropped and then a new charge for the same offence made more recently. In between the dropping and the new charge, he was charged in the US with hacking.
He will be on a grand world tour at this rate, only his travel blog will simply be on rating the various sets of four walls he will be seeing along the way.

Not many five stars I expect, all to be released to the world via Wikileaks of course.
Aha! that's where you're wrong, 'cos the TruthTeller is NOT going anywhere, see?

He won't go. Flatly refuses. Not having any of it.

''Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange has said he does not consent to being extradited to the US over charges related to leaking government secrets . . . Assange told the court: "I do not wish to surrender myself for extradition for doing journalism that has won many awards and protected many people."

Summed up as 'Not Going-Can't make me'.

Stupid person.

Assange 'doesn't consent' to US extradition

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