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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by uncle_vanya, May 2, 2011.

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  1. (Borrowed from another website...

    Some people just don't understand the importance of proper ass-wiping technique. "Bah!" You might say, "I've been wiping my ass for years!" But hold on there, friend, ass wiping is an an ancient discipline, lost in this, the age of technology, where computers and machines feed our every whim. Follow the steps set forth below and free yourself from skid marks, poop stains, klingons, and all manner of unpleasant nastiness:

    1. Choose Your Wiping Medium. What to wipe with? It's the question of the ages. Some are blessed with bountiful supplies of rich, downy-soft, cotton tissue (in particular Kleenex Brand Cottonelle Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue), woven into rolls which hang conveniently by the commode. If you are not among these lucky few, fret not - for there is stuff aplenty to wipe your ass with!

    Paper Towels - If you don't have toilet paper you probably don't have paper towels, but if you have just run short on TP, be sure to always buy Viva Unprinted Paper Towels. They are the softest.
    The Morning Newspaper - The newspaper, with its convenient home delivery, might seem like a good idea, but I assure you it is not! Not only are you in danger of wiping your ass with some poor person's obituary, but by smearing newspaper ink across your nether regions, you could be in danger of quarantine if a person of the medical profession gets a gander at your naughty bits.

    The Phone Book - Ah, the phone book! Oh thick sheaf of thin pliant pages, how do we love thee, for thou art bountiful and free! Remember - When you get the letter Y (X if the whole family is using it) it's time to call the Phone Company and reorder - it takes 2-4 weeks to receive a new copy.
    The Bible - I don't recommend using the Bible even though the pages seem well suited to ass wiping. Guests may become offended. If you absolutely must use the good book for the foul deed, use the book of Leviticus.

    The Mail - Marshall McLuhan wrote "The medium is the message", and how right he was! He may have been talking about something that has nothing to do with this subject, but it sure fits here. Just be careful of the little windows in the envelopes of your bills.

    Your Hand - "Ew!" You might cry "Ew! ew!" - but it's washable. Man up, ya buncha sissies - it's only poop for Pete's sake!

    2. Find Your Ass. For some, ass finding comes naturally. Others require both hands, a mirror and a flashlight. Still others must rely on a loved one to locate their ass until they get the hang of it. As the great Master Swapon Singh Rubenstein said, "There is no wiping without finding".

    3. Wipe, Wipe, Wipe Your Ass, Always Front to Back. Carefully Carefully, Now You've Got The Knack. This little song (sung to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat) will guide you through the final ass-wiping process. Developed by the Doctors at Duke University in 1991, this, along with I Am A Super Duper Pooper and I Use My Potty When I have to Pee are featured in the exciting and highly recommended video It's Potty Time.

    To break down ass wiping into it's most basic mathematical expression we could write:
    YAP_x_ log_2_8^x^ &TP;=&TP; ( p00p)8^x^ ( p00p)(8^x^)&TP;=&TP; 3 ew2 ew2&TP;=&TP; 3
    Where YAP = your ass plane, TP = toilet paper, and ew = gross factor X

    4. The Finish. Once your ass is clean you may be tempted to show it off to your neighbors, friends, and coworkers. If you are level 6 or above, you might even want to post a picture of your ass on your home node for all to see. This urge is completely natural but you must resist. In the name of all that's decent, good and holy resist. We are counting on you to keep your ass to yourself, clean or not.

    ...I know.... I'm bored.... It's Monday... and I ain't been down the Pub yet.... but I have taken my Meds.... heheeh
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  2. Load of arse.
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  3. Why anyone would want to wipe their Donkey is beyond me?
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  4. newspaper is hopeless just like glossy magazines. just smears shit everywhere.
  5. I wish people would learn to wipe their noses. They sit on the train in the mornings sniffing away whilst looking at their blackberries, ipods, dingles and dongles and don't seem to be able to afford a packet of tissues tch!

  6. We used to have bog paper in primary school that was exactly like tracing paper, in fact, we did use it as tracing paper when we ran out in class.
    Didnt so much as wipe your arse as spread it evenly all over the shop..... pretty much the same as what was in the 24 rat packs in the 90's....piece of advice i took from my dad when joining up. take your own toffee wrappers!
  7. Izal Medicated. Bloody needed to be to prevent infection of the lacerations it caused. The standard supply in the bogs at school throughout my school years.

    Then Army bog roll. Each sheet printed with "Govt supplies for HM Forces" or something similar. Usually in red, but every so often you'd come across blue print. Presumably to discourage you from flogging it to the landlord of the local pub. Who also provided Izal Medicated, clearly to discourage you from crapping at his expense.

    Never saw tracing paper bog roll in an RAF station, though. Are airmen's arses more delicate than soldiers'? Hmmm. Probably.
  8. Izal, luxury, we used to get War Office "Bronco" each sheet was marked W.O. A sort of combined Izal, sandpaper effect on one side, the other was so shiny if you made the mistake of using it you ended up polishing the back of your neck with a handfull of shit..
  9. Tracing paper ? You were privaliged ! We were made to use razor wire. Supposed to toughen us up. I developed a knack for projectile shitting so it wouldn't touch the sides and so no wiping / smearing needed.

    When using a finger, it doesn't matter whether you go front to back or back to front. Just make sure you 'push' your finger rather than 'drag' . Unless you have a nail brush or very short nails !! ;-)
  10. This thread is becoming a bit anal.
  11. We used to get the same horrible stuff as well, bloody awful crap (literally, if you weren't careful!)

    I bet even murderers and child molesters got issed better shitroll from HMP.
  12. I used to use the sh*te paper when in the army.... I always managed to poke my finger through the paper.... and stick it up the old hoop. As I have a large hoop nowadays, I have to use Extra-Large-Erse-Wipes.... Baby Wet Ones..... much nicer, kinder, and my fingers don't poke throuh the paper/cloth or whatever they are made of. Of course, it is advised not to chuck them down the poop tube WC. But I find great comfort in the 'Aloe Vera' incorporated in the Bay Wet Ones.... It keeps the old hoop nice and soft, and one can definitely remove any klingons etcetera....

    I know.... It's nearly nosh time.... 'tis Wednesday... and I'm off down the Pub again..... Oops, I nearly forgot to take me Meds again this morning................

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  13. The paper you get given in the Wag-Bags is alright, shame theres only about 2 sheets of it, which never seems to be quite enough....