Aspiring Suicide Bomber banged up for ten years

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EX_STAB, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. Not a bad result I feel.

    Hope it's a good enough warning to any others.
  2. After reading this I am wondering out of the 9/11 7/7 bombers and such likeh How many were converts to Islam and how many where born into a devout Muslim familes ? It seems to me that it is the converts to Islam that are causing the problems and not those brought up in the faith.

    Just my opinion and that really doesnt mean much really!

    Fun perhaps someone should have told him to how equally fun it is to base jump the bridge at Clifton nix chute.

    Converts while not exclusive to being more of a danger than any fundamentalist fcuktard the certainly do pose a danger and IMHO certainly are more likely to go off the tracks.

    Still 10 years min :roll: Should teach him that life isn't going to be "fun" as he learns to "occupy time" as someones biach
  4. I'd love to see them nothing more than isolated in their own cell to themselves, the only light of day they get to see being when the food plate is slotted through a hole in the bottom of the cell like a dog :D
  5. I disagree - I would like him to commit suicide by being dry-bummed to death over the next ten years by some hairy-arsed sadistic pervert with a massive cock, a libido like a rutting bison and no chance of ever being released from prison, with his little arse facing mecca, a kuran to bite down on and some pigs trotters to hang on to when it gets a bit tough.

    Oh and onward Christian soldiers being played at full volume till he dies.
  6. Converts to different religions are often more fantical and devout then people born into it, it's like they have to prove they are more pious, more worthy because they have come to the faith.

    you see it in Islamic circles, evangelical christians, Jewish folk, Hindus ect ect.

    case in point, my family are Catholics, my parents are church going but laid back about social stuff ect, not too happy about abortion, but they don't blow up clincs,

    our "neighbour" is a convicted criminal, in and out like a yo-yo for years, who found Jesus in jail, try shutting him up about "the gays".....and what he thinks should be done about "THEM" 8O
  7. Will be out in 4-5 years.
  8. More determined and a burgler to boot.

    Hopefully he has aids by then
  9. Look at anjem choudry (no capitals, and probably incorrect spelling - he doesn't deserve the effort on either count). Before he "saw the light" ( :roll: ) he was a weed smoking beer drinking loonie who loved nothing more than a good night out.

    Now he's banging on about how beer drinkers should be flogged, and generally giving us all someone to laugh at.
  10. I dont suppose I could humbly suggest that we help him to become a martyr and thereby get where he wants to go ? Controlled detonation of the stuff he was caught with stuck under his chair, perhaps ?
    That way he's got something to look forward to and we've made something dangerous very safe. :p

  11. I'd ask him then if he was ever "jail gay" maybe spouting all this hate is just a beard and he's nothing but a big herma anyone who's seen Bruno will know what I'm getting at :D
  12. Being a Bristol lad im fcuking glad this cnut has been ratted out by his own community, hopefully there will be some bristolians in his wing that will kick 7 bells out of the little turd.
  13. Start here;

    'Born in St James's University Hospital, Leeds, he grew up in Beeston but moved to Lees Holm in Dewsbury, near Leeds in West Yorkshire in early 2005. His father, Tika Khan, a foundry worker, was born in Pakistan. His mother is Mamida Begum. He received his secondary education at South Leeds High School, formerly the Matthew Murray High School, which was also attended by Hasib Hussain, the 7 July bus bomber. Khan went on to study at Leeds Metropolitan University.

    Khan was married to Hasina Patel, who is of Indian Muslim descent, a Community Enrichment Officer, who had worked in schools with special needs pupils. They met at Leeds Metropolitan University and married in 2001. Their daughter, Maryam, was born in May 2004. Khan worked at Hillside Primary School in Leeds as a "learning mentor" with the children of immigrant families who had just arrived in Britain. Khan's colleagues commented that he was a quiet individual who did not talk about his religious or political beliefs.[2] He was introduced to MPs Hilary Benn and Jon Trickett during his school's trip to the House of Commons in July 2004.

    Khan was also involved in the community-run Hamara Healthy Living Centre in Beeston, and worked at its youth outreach project, the Hamara Youth Access Point (HYAP). Staff at the centre have confirmed that two of the London bombers, Shehzad Tanweer and Hasib Hussain, frequented the HYAP. Khan used the outreach project as a recruitment centre, according to a friend of his who spoke to The Guardian.[3]

    Khan attended the Stratford Street mosque in Leeds.

    His mother-in-law, Farida Patel, is also involved in education and works as a council liaison officer at a school in Dewsbury. In 1998 she was the first Asian woman ever to be invited to a Buckingham Palace garden party, meeting the Queen and other members of the royal family, in recognition for her work amongst the Muslim community in Dewsbury, and again in 2004. She was said to have been "devastated" by the actions of her son-in-law.[4]

    According to his birth certificate, Khan was registered as "Mohammad Sidique Khan". Other spellings of his name include Mohammed Sadique Khan and Mohammad Sadiq Khan'
  14. Just a 'Theseus' to mull over..