"Aspiring Social Worker" escapes jail term

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SauceDoctor, Sep 1, 2011.

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  1. To which I add:

    TV looter spared jail as Army girl gets 13 months | News

  2. Perhaps those in the TA are expected to show a bit more self control than blaady stoodents? Or less mercy shown to someone already in a position of some trust, as opposed to one hoping to be appointed to one? Or some PC action going one as Natasha Reid wants to be a Social Worker? Who knows, but surely everyone should be equal under the law.
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  3. No different to someone who's going to join up being let off really, is it? It's happened plenty of times in the past because it's better to give them the chance to make something of themselves instead of giving them a relatively short jail term for a relatively minor crime and ****ing their lives up for ten years.
  4. Well yes TA bomb disposal is quite likely, 217 Sqn of 33 EOD probably. She was still a twat though for nicking the TV and the sentence is fair.
  5. However, Judge Robert Fraser told McGrane as she sobbed in the dock: "You are a member of the Territorial Army, one of the people we look to, to keep us safe. That just makes this all the more tragic. I considered very carefully whether I could suspend the sentence, but I just cannot."

    Roughly translated from the above in laymans terms: You are a ****ing STAB and you're trying to Walt it as Bomb disposal. Double that bitch to jail.
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  6. And how many bombs would this 19 year old stab have disposed of in her time? Being in an EOD unit doesn't necessarily make you an instant ATO. I think we can agree that they stretched it a bit. Anyway, we don't need a thief associated with the uniform so at least she is where she belongs the thieving little ****.
  7. That's how I read it.
  8. Disagree, old chap. Speaks to the person's character. Especially if she's hoping to work in a branch of Criminal Justice.
  9. Might have been because the first one handed herself in whereas I assume (it doesn't say in the article) the TA one was caught.
  10. Why didn't she just wait and buy a telly with her bounty?
  11. That is exactly the sort low-life filth that caused us to leave North London.
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  12. The first one was surrounded by CCTV cameras, she probably knew she'd eventually be caught. Still, it shows some initiative!
  13. But she made an effort to look smart in court
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