Aspiring Recruit needing Info.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jrix, May 10, 2008.

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  1. Hello all,

    I am about to go through my phase 1 test tmr.( Which I suppose wil be the easiest phase in my future BA career lol)

    What I really want to know:
    1.) Is there any way for a commonwealth citizen to join the Intelligence Ranks? I've been told that one must be a Uk resident for security reasons, but that seems pretty unfair.

    I am 20, have 7 GCSE passes and certificate in a law course. Could u guys help suggest a few jobs that might match, maybe in Intel?

    2.) I've read that 80% of the Officers are Graduates. How do the remaining 20% become Officers if they are not graduates? Could it be length of service and performance?

    3.) How difficult is the BARB test? Any Hints on getting a good score?

    Thank u very much for ur time.
  2. lol. But I see the Jobs are limited to 5 GCSEs.
  3. How do you mean limited to 5 GCSE's?

    it means you have got to have a minimum of 5 GCSE's at grade C or above
  4. all the requirments are 'minimum requirments' mate, i dont know how you came to the conclusion they are limits :?
  5. yeh mate. "sorry lad, you got 6 gcses, thats one too many"

    look into the interweb resources before asking for a spoonfeed.
  6. He/She certainly has what it takes for the 'Intelligence' Corps :p
  7. Hello jrix,

    1) A Commonwealth citizen can join the Intelligence "Ranks" assuming of course they have fulfilled the residential criteria (We have members of Al-Qaeda in this country with residential rights).

    2) You've answered your own question there mate, an officer does not need to be a graduate to attend Sandhurst, it is really only potentially necessary later in your career when you need to spend a bit of time at Staff College. Three guys from my phase 2 intake were selected as potential officers, none of them had degrees; just good lads who liked their physical training, had a bit of intelligence and common sense & knew how to talk to people. You also have soldiers who are selected from the ranks and also Warrant Officers who become LE (Late Entry) officers.

    3) Jrix the BARB test is not difficult, (unless you are a complete spaz! :D ) It is designed to gauge your aptitude and intellect to help choose what trade path you should follow; from stabbing people with bayonets through Cartography to finally God's trade RTG (RSOP as it's now known) in the Royal Signals :D . Incidentally I am comissioned. But if you want hints on how to pass: Write your times table on your left arm (make sure you are wearing long sleeves on test day), bring a calculator, a PDA with Wikipedia & make sure you give the invigilating Sergeant a bottle of rum, he'll git pished and tell you all the answers.

    Seriously the Barb test is nothing to be concerned about, its not really something you can brush up on, a great deal of it is down to instinct, intuition and common sense.

    Good luck and less of the text speech (No more f**king LOL's).

  8. Thank u KI. Very informative and to the point. I bet ur a well-paid officer.

    I dare say that ur post was 1 of the only 2 that wasn't answered by a skinny, tea-sipping jackass. I did well on my basic skills assessment and shall take ur advice on the BARB.

    as for the rest of u yahoos. U shall all salute me as ur superior. Why? Nevermind that. Just know that u'll be saluting the 'intelligent' guy. Hope u can deal with that.

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    god knows how you even managed to get 5 GCSEs when you think minimum requirments are limits you muppet!
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