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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by barbs, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. I have heard that there is an aspiration in HQ Inf to allocate an inf bn to 3 Cdo Bde.

    Can anyone explain the utility of such a move? Why would CGRM want it?

    Would the bn be orbatted as a light role bn or as a cdo bn - think A, B, C, Sp Coy as opposed to 2 close coys and 2 stand off coys?

    I assume HQ Inf's thoughts revolve employing one of the 9 'spare' light bns in a more premanent role.
  2. Barbs,
    There is a possiblity of the DDLI/RGBWLI taking this on once they have amalgamated and become 1LI(or Rifle Brigade if the LI/RGJ amalgamate.)
    The problem with this is that firstly the navy would have to fund this infantry Bn and secondly if the infantry can do it what is the point of having commando's?
    This is mearly rumour and congecture as both the DDLI and RGBWLI are commited to the army strength until 07 so nothing will happen until then at the earliest if at all.

    TTFN Patch
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  3. Surely the point is to dilute 3Cdo's "Commandoness" and exert more Army influence?
  4. dilute 3 Cdo Bde's 'Marineness' and then bin RM saying that roulement regiments of Craphat Inf can do the job.......saves money and the 'polies'/treasury are happy. Me, cynic? wah?
  5. Or the same operational rationale as having an airlanding battalion in 16 Bde as follow on forces to give the formation more punch to follow after the specialist entrt troops.
    Nothing to do with Inf vs Marines...we all get on just fine. Its about resourcing capability. We all need to work together after entry in any event.
  6. Anyway were not the first Commandoes Army, or am I being a T*t? (answers ona postcard please)
  7. The simple reason is to provide 3 Cdo Bde with balance, from having 4 manoeuvre units. Chepstow based most likely.
  8. Is is 'a' simple reason or 'the' simple reason? Is it going to happen?
  9. having just worked with 29 Cdo, I cant see that any diluting would take place whilst any new Army formation adhears to the 'authentic' commando training package....currently c.8 weeks on Dartmoor for the 29 cdo gunners.

    the army would be better for it
  10. Unfortunately, I don't believe that there are enough infantrymen to go round. There is already a recruiting problem in the RM, why would poaching a battalion from the Army help?

    Anyway, surely a light recce unit would be more useful, tactically; as was proven on Telic2?
  11. According to the Prince of Madness - sorry - 'Darkness' - it'll be a light role battalion to conduct Rear Area Security for the enabling elements and Lines of Communications, so the bwave boys in the Womandoes can 'get on with the fighting'.

    Bless him...and quite right not to entrust dangerous nasty close combat to wobbly unreliable light role infantry battalions. A dangerous paper cut from handing out 'Mostovi's' or other such 'framework' activities is the very limit of their worth.

    Amazing the British Army actually won any battles prior to JRRF!

    Or is it again the marginalisation of our line regiments? Underfunded, underresourced, undervalued...but always unbowed.

    So sorry. A minor irritant, 'tis all.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    This goes back to the old manning chestnut. If I need 52 Bns of Infantry to do my Job (MOD) and there are only enough bodies to fill 42 bns will amalgamating 20 Bns into 10 solve the problem? The answer is in 2 parts;
    1. Yes If I can manage the workload so that I need only 42 Bns.
    2. No as I will be working all those remaining troops at least 15% harder, less leave, less home time and more ops!
    Now I seem to have solved the problem, recruit more troops, bring in conscription or reduce the commitment!
    Your commitment today seems so much more intense than when I served nearly 20 years ago, then your 2years in the Uk would be 4-6 months on an op, 12 months home and train for the next next op over 4-6 months. This guaranteed almost a year of normal life, spearhead excluded and units could train for the next role!
    god knows what it is now I see lads back on a 4 week disembarkation prior to deploying in 6 weeks for another 4-6 months. never up retention rates like that will they! As for adding to RM strength it probably is a tactic with which to dilute then do away with elites and super squaddies. It after all, falls outside of New labour ethos regarding equal opportunuities. Tw*ts dont they realise that if everybody passed it would be bloody poor substitute for a real army! If everyone I got off the bus with on day 1 had stayed for 9 or 22 or even made it to Bn, we could have had a recruiting break for 3 years or the UK version of GSFG!
  13. I was under the impression that 1st Bn, RNLMC was assigned to 3 Cdo Bde in the event of war. Thus they already have a fourth battalion in the event of a major conflict.