Aspergers and the TA

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by TamH70, Jun 26, 2010.

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  1. Will having a properly certified by a psychologist diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome stop one ever rejoining the Territorial Army?

    Bit of a bummer if it does, as one did leave after ten or so years service.

  2. Afraid so; any autism spectrum disorder's a bar. There's a link to JSP 346 in the Joining Up forum if you want chapter and verse.
  3. Can it be undiagnosed by an M.O.?
  4. Its not can you un-diagnose a condition??
  5. By re-assessing the symptoms and signs against the diagnostic criteria and finding that they don't correlate sufficiently or that a previously missed attribute contra-indicates the condition (eg, poor attention could be ADD, but if the condition arose after a head injury then ADD would be excluded).

    Or that an alternative solution exists that better fits the symptoms and signs. For example, the Asperger symptoms might just be the side-effect of a simple brain tumour :D
  6. Oh, nice, something new to worry about. :D Brain tumour. (note to self :find out if gross sensitivity to light of any other kind than florescent is a BAD THING)
    Oh well, see what comes of going on a quest to find out what is wrong with one. You find out. :D

    Further note to self: find out for certain if falling on ones head onto a concrete hardstanding from a height of about seven feet on top of a climbing frame when one was five and was standing on top of it, was or was not conducive to a healthy noggin.

    And there was me thinking you had to be crazy to be in the Territorials. . .

  7. without being disrespectfull, your posts dont seem to be indicative of someone with aspergers (although im not a medical proffesional, and i dont pretend to be)

    mayby sid101's suggestion of getting it "undiagnoded" could be a good idea.
  8. Asperger's Syndrome is a bastard. No two aspies will have precisely the same outcome or psycopathology. I may appear semi-rational, but boy, is that appearance a lying sod. I can concentrate on some stuff like I am laser guided on the fecker, but other stuff goes in one ear and out the other.

    Sounds pretty normal, but when one lies in bed at night and tries to remember the signs and symptoms of nerve agent poisoning fifteen years after one has learned them then one's normal goes way out of the window, heads down the street, goes to the cash machine, takes out some money and heads off to the boozer for a pint.

    Leaving me to try to recall what ddtrips hide and nimsd means.

  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    That pretty much shows I'm afraid; and as pointed out an hour and a half before your post you can't un-diagnose a condition.

    You can however get a second opinion if you wish to take the risk, however most Aspergers sufferers are aware of their condition in one way or another, even if they can't put a name to it.

    It's worth noting, however, that the condition is still fairly misunderstood, and several psychologists and psychiatrists misdiagnose one way or the other as well.
  10. I got tag teamed by a pair of psychologists, and I believe they referred my case to a psychiatrist or two, so, yeah, I'm certain I have Asperger's.
    Getting told so when one is thirty-eight years old is a real cherry on the shite cake as well. :evil:

    Made sense of all that happened to me when I were but a lad as well, I am afraid.

    I just hate being a biff on the sidelines when I think I could help out in this current fuckup in some way as a Territorial. And I am willing to do the phys to get fit enough to do the job again.


    by the way, what do the acronyms
    actually mean?

    I'm not kidding about them keeping me awake some nights.
  11. NIMSD: non-inflammatory musculoskeletal diseases?
  12. I was looking for the signs and symptoms of nerve agent poisioning one mate, thanks anyway.

  13. Try reading your posts. You'll be in REM in a second.
  14. Unlike yours, I suppose? Grow up, grow a pair and jog on, please. This isn't the naafi, dear chap. Please play nice or piss off.

  15. Do one Thrush.