Aspergers and joining up?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by sid101, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. Well, i have been diagnosed with if for a few years and am on fluoxitine for the hand tremour, which has gone now, and i have nearly came off the medication. The JSP 346 states that i cannot join up with this condition, but i have been told by a MO that it shouldnt matter as long as im not totally weird which i am not.
    My doctor is willing to write letters etc. to people to explain that i only have a very mild form that only needed treating during adolescence. Can i gather some opinions please?
    I have looked at other threads, but none answered it solidly.
    Regards, SiD
  2. Fucking no hope.

    Sorry and all that.
  3. If it's been diagnosed and is on your records (which it obviously has been and is), then I do not believe you have the proverbial cat in hells chance of getting accepted. Sorry.
  4. Like he said, taking Fluoxetine (anti-depressant) is a no-no. And plus, if you do get in and the tremor comes back, say when your in charge of a weapon, could have disastrous results.
  5. FYI - Joining the Forces doesn't get you out of being deported to the USA for computer hacking.

    It's a fecking joke OK everyone - SMILE!
  6. Well i a cadet atm, joinig up as a adult soon to do an RCO course, with the hand tremour i got an 82mm grouping at 300m.
    I expect to be slapped for bring up cadets now :L
    And CC_TA, i not that good, but if you want me to post your name and address on here i can? XD
  7. Unless the original diagnosis was erroneous (you were just a really eccentric teenager with an underactive thyroid, hence the shakes), then I doubt it. Sorry.
  8. could always work for efi
  9. Post away, not really fussed. In fact, feck it - pop round; kettle's on! Tea or coffee? :)
  10. Nice to see your support LMAO
    Urm, wasnt diagnosed by my GP, so me knows jack all about it, maybe just something not to be said, i asked the person who diagnosed me, and it keeps its own records, so ignorance is bliss at a stretch?

    Coffee, give me a bit, i cant remember how to do it through a forum :L
    Im in the process of trying tho :L
  11. There was a point last year when the Army was recruiting all sorts of fuckwhits but, now we are getting towards being fully manned again, you have no chance.
  12. Does it 'put the lotion in the basket aswell'?
  13. so you have aspergers syndrome? you should be OK in joining up.

    As for Fluoxetine is it link to any OCD? opposed to being used as a mood stabiliser?
  14. Fluoxetine was used as my hands shook like a bitch, nothing OCD. Im sure i can blag my doctor to write that off as a 'teenage thing' if it'll assist.
    Im really no different to any of you except i dont start converstions :/
  15. Good luck - what job you thinking of going for?