ASMT Leconfield

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Randy_McNob, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. All you people slagging off JST Leconfield should have been there when it was good old ASMT.

    What a great place, pished every night, cheap bus to Beverley, laid every night by one of the many willing local girls down the Violent Squaddie then a good punch up with the civvies on the bus stop before the 10 min trip back to Normandy barracks

    *Thumbs up icon*
  2. when was it ASMT?
  3. I was there in the mid 1990s matey, not sure when it changed over to being JST.

    It was great when it was ASMT though. :lol:
  4. Whaaaaaaaa
  5. Was that the Allied School of Motor Training?
  6. Seconed no curfew lads sleeping pissed up in hedges/barns. Handing your ID card to the bouncers at LA's and a visit to Tower for an Hour (both now gone) Block NCO's who were as old as the Chelsea pensioners. and the happy bus to and from Buller memories indeed
  7. I was there in 1995, had a great time pishing it up, shagging the local slags and getting into Hull for a night on the lash on the weekends.

    The place was still pants though. The "WingWO" was a crusty old tosser with a dodgy handlebar moustache, and looked like he'd come straight out of Dads Army.
  8. Fond memories of ASMT fresh out of Phase 1 Trg, being accomodated at Alamein Bks in Driff and getting away with murder. Going down to Driffield for a skin-full at weekends - The Ferret and Sprout pub and Odins (?) nightclub seem to stick in my mind for some reason.

    The Block NCO's were okay (Mine was ancient), had many a pint with a few of them down in Driff. I had my 125 trail bike there, (Still only 17 :oops: ) so getting home was easier for me than most.

    Bused to Normandy Bks and back each day and falling asleep in both directions.

    My driving instructor was the dogs nads and lived in Bridlington, so back to his house for a break was a regular event. I still managed to get plenty of hours behind the wheel and pass my test (Dual car & HGV 3 back then.) first time.

    The good old days of ASMT, when you were taught how to drive and not how to pass a test.

    I've been back quite a few times since my initial encounter for various courses - there's been lots of changes over the years, other than the obvious name change. (96?) Some good, some not so good.
  9. The Ferret and Sprout...what a great place!!!!

    Almost as good as the 'Violent Squaddie' in beverley
  10. Did my HGV DI (Now LGV) couse at ASMT in sad is that. Had to take the blades of the chariot wheels when instructing 8O
  11. Summer of 88, Falaise Block.

    Good times. We all behaved then too so no curfews.

    Mad, mad weekends in Hull and Scarborough.
  12. You mean you were smart enough not to get caught :D
  13. There were quite a few curs tho'.
  14. 1986-1988, brilliant time.
  15. Alas both have now suffered a name change, now The Original Keys & The Corner House.