ASM tradesman or tarmac technician

Imagine my surprise, whilst sat in a mind numbingly boring lesson with the german border guard,
at the defence school of boredom. I awoken by the sound of an extremely irritated ASM of the corps
drilling two of the corp's young hopes for the future to whithin the inch of their lives, surely a job for the provost Sgt????????????????
Their crime.................................Playing with mobile phones!!!!!!!!!

The tiffy students want to know how come the above mentioned Cfn managed to get a signal when they never can
Was there a p**s up last night? the only time i ever see him in there is to try and catch the adults out!!
what I want to know is, did he get permission to leave his place of work early, or did he just do one without signing the early knock off book?

do as I say not as I do!!
If you tiffy students had the balls to grip the Crafties, perhaps the ASM wouldn't need to.....:)
Yeah but Nige in what way would you want us to grip them............... Just like you used to perhaps,

With a bit of pinky assistance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You need to be harsh with SOME of the little turds bare in mind they might end up at your unit. I make no appologies for thrashing some of the little twerps that needed it when I was there just make sure the punishment fits the crime! The new AGAI system should make things easier.


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