ASM should only apply to those who are 1st or 2nd line

Discussion in 'REME' started by mourneman, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. yep i will be there one day but i ask the question:

    and for all the walts out there

    you obviousley didnt ask that hard for a real job

  2. hmmm.......
  3. well said whitemouse i think your assessment of his potential is spot on. If mourneman's other posts are anything to go by, it will not be long before he earns his "oxygen thief" bar on ARRSE, to match the one he wears, next to the chip on his shoulder, whilst walking around his unit :D
  4. Made Me laugh...............

    Mind you, my life is terribly dull........
  5. Mourneman - obviously you have reached your ceiling - Cpl???
    If you are ever fortunate to achieve this rank, only then will you realise that you are sent where you are told. Yes you do have the added advantage that you can talk to records and perhaps have some influence on your posting. BUT WE ALL END UP WHERE WE ARE TOLD TO GO. If it isnt where you wanted to go then why shouldt you be able to use the appointment that you have earned.

    To sum it up mourneman you are a F&^£wit.
  6. Fantastic sentiment.

    Becasue everyone knows that every WO1 in the Army doesn't go through the ranks they just appear in a posting.

    Yer a right muppet if you think that someone that has become an ASM hasn't been there done that on the shop floor in their respective trades. Its a supervisor appointment.
  7. Right then where do I start

    yep i will be there one day but i ask the question:

    should the ********* who populate the dlo and headquarter type places like hq in ni be called asm I am in a HQ Land to be precise but I dont class myself as a ********, alas I have not been to a DLO.

    surely that should be reserved for the workers

    and for all the walts out there

    This really grated as I dont class myself as a walt Ive served with SF and have the scouts badges to prove it...sic I am also on my second row of gongs did two back to back tours on OP TELIC 1-2 and also ran a JMC in Kuwait when everyone thinned out home, I have volunteered for ops on OP HERRICK for a 6-monther.

    you obviousley didnt ask that hard for a real job

    Just wondered what you class as a real job, you are obviously very ill informed on what real jobs there are, even in the DLO.Where do you think your ILS,PEPS and UORs come from.

    I suggest you re read your post and try and quantify it with objective evidence, fella.

    By the way I am an Artificer Sergeant Major and proud of the fact to be working in a 4 star HQ

    You mate are obviously a complete mong, comming out with that drivel and need to a have a word with yourself....................OUT
  8. I guess spotting trolls and not responding to them is a skill you haven't picked up along the way then QMW :) :)
  9. Well Nige I was just compelled to respond to this moron. :evil:
  10. anyone who has reached WO1(ASM) in the Corps is by right a ASM no matter where they work
    It is how they choose to wear the rank that is important, they can sit back and wallow in their own glory or they honour the highest possiable non commissioned rank and make a difference. That my friends is were it goes wrong, to many just sit up in their ivory towers reading DES and telling us how great they were when they were a tiffy.
  11. DaleRoch, agreed fella, its very much an individual thing, same as any rank in the Corps, or indeed the Army, some of us are grown up enough to realise that, some are not............ :)

    I feel an 'Oxygen Thief' label coming on........ :evil:
  12. Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 2:44 am

    Assume this was a pissed up Sat night rant based on the DTG of the post?

    Be interesting to see if you have the b*llocks to come back and justify your statements (not that they are justifiable) or just skulk off. Breath definitely not being held waiting for a response!!
  13. Back to the original subject. Surely the answer is in the question. ASM: Artificer Sergeant Major: A Sergeant Major (WOI) who is an artificer.
  14. At first I wasn’t going to dignify that prat with a response, but as I do work in the DLO, I think I should throw in my 2 pence worth. Without the WOs and SNCOs in the DLO having the boll0x to attempt to reign in some of the civil servant fu*kwits, mongman would have even worse kit to play with whilst he chunters away, than he already has.

    Nige mate, even trolls need pushing back under the stone from whence they crawled sometimes.
  15. It would be interesting to see the breakdown on field force vs the rest on the responses here. Having worked at 1st line, 2nd line, DLO and Div HQ at WO rank it seems to me that the need to work together is paramount. I would suggest that no WO should hold a position within DLO or any form of HQ with an ES responsibility without the necessary field force experience. Otherwise, how can he, as Picatinny_Rail puts it, reign in some of the civil servant fu*kwits (many of whom, incidentally are ex-WOs with a mass of field force experience).