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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by daywalker, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Does anyone know if there is a way of finding out when you are entitled to the ASM. I know it's 3 years on ops but is there anywhere or anyone you can speak to to find out your personal total?

  2. It is 1080 days on Ops, not including leave etc.
    365 days in a year x 3 = 1,095 days
    minus 14 days R&R for each 6mth tour (24 Days per year x 3 = 72 days)
    Total days towards ACSM after 6 x 6mth tours= 1,023 days (60 days short of the award)

    You would need to do 7 x 6mth tours, or already have time towards the award ie: GSM theatres, DR Congo and Iraq (TELIC only, not GRANBY).

    Your clerk can take their boots and socks off and start counting (just for slugsy).

    Hope this helps.

  3. Sorry Blobster, unless they have discovered a new JPA Report whilst I have been playing with penguins, your local friendly clerk can't do a tally unless they have the time to sit and count the days up with their fingers and toes.

    I stand to be corrected though......
  4. Easiest way to get it is to have been posted to NI during the 00's.
  5. Just curious, why not Granby?
  6. Granby was a war, as was the falklands etc. Op TELIC was a campaign!
  7. I do believe you'll find that both Op Granby and the South Atlantic Medal are both campaign medals and therefore fall under the ACSM qualifying criteria.

    Normal rule of thumb is if you received a campaign medal with the Queen's head on it those days go towards it. Believe it's been back dated to 1969 as that's when Op Banner started.

    0809. The Accumulated Campaign Service Medal (ACSM) was instituted to recognise individuals who had completed more than 1080 days service towards the General Service Medal 1962 (GSM 62), since 14 Aug 69. It has been agreed that service qualifying for the OSM and other specifically designated multi-national campaign medals, instituted from 1 Apr 00, may also count towards the ACSM. Clasps are awarded for each additional period of 1080 days approved operational service.

    Current theatres are:

    a. Northern Ireland 14 Aug 69 to a date to be decided

    b. Dhofar 1 Oct 69 - 30 Sept 76

    c. Lebanon 7 Feb 83 - 9 Mar 84

    d. Mine Clearance - Gulf of Suez 15 Aug 84 - 15 Oct 84

    e. Gulf 17 Nov 86 - 28 Feb 89

    f. Kuwait 8 Mar 91 - 30 Sept 91

    g. Northern Iraq & Southern Turkey 6 Apr 91 - 17 Jul 91

    h. Air Operations Iraq 19 Sep 91 to a date to be decided

    i. Sierra Leone 5 May 2000-31 Jul 2002

    j. Afghanistan 11 Sep 2001 to date

    k. Iraq Medal 20 Jan 2003 to date
  9. In addition, time spent qualifying for the relevant campaign medal does not go towards the ACSM. You cannot accrue time towards 2 (British) medals. So if it is your first time on Op HERRICK, time spent qualifying for the OSM (Afghanistan) will not count towards your ACSM.
  10. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Sherperds Pie (nice avatar by the way - and yes I would),

    Where did you get that information from? Blobmeister is spot on - that snippet of info comes from the Honours and Awards publication, JSP 761 Chap 8-2. There is no other script within that document that mentions the first tour not counting... Can you provide a reference if I'm wrong?

    It used to be (prior to Afghan & Iraq) 1080 days in the theatre for which the GSM was awarded, not including any detachments from that theatre (including leave and courses) of over 21 continuous days. That also included the time spent on the 'first tour' - which back then was the first 28 days in Northern Ireland or N Iraq/S Turkey / Kuwait etc.
  11. I knew a bloke whose only two medals were the GSM(NI) and the ACSM. No Balkans,no sandy places,no UN Cyprus etc etc.

    He was the stationery storeman for 321 EOD Sqn, met a local bird and extended in NI,thus qualifying.

    Rather makes a mockery of the whole fcuking thing if you ask me.
  12. Yo, regular_imbiber. To have one or two gongs or maybe even none was not at all unusual during the Cold War. With most of the army based in BAOR medal earning opportunities were rare. I recall attending a joint something with the Americans at a US base in Augsberg. At a formal lunch dress was best No2; the yanks were amazed at how very few of us Brits had any medals at all compared to the rows of ribbons they had on display. Of course US military medal policy has been discussed elsewhere in ARRSE and at length. My point is good luck to the lads who now display rows of glistening gongs for service in defence of the realm. I have my GSM(NI) and LS&GC carefully wrapped up and stored away in a drawer somewhere
  13. I take your point Jim, and having joined in the late 80's myself before the medal boom years know exactly where you are coming from. I got out in 93 and re-engaged in 97 and found myself on the tour on - tour off cycle so Ive seen this from both "sides" if you will.

    The example I gave above is a bit extreme perhaps but I know the ACSM he showed off(or more specifically how he got it) got on the tits of some people who'd had a hard Grapple or two plus a visit to various sandy places and didnt qualify.......
  14. Not true. All service towards an OSM (though not Blakans etc) counts towards the ACSM. While you can't earn 2 campaign medals from the same tour, the ACSM is different as it recognises accumulated service accross a number of theatres (normally) and isn't a campaign medal in its own right.

    And to answer the original post, there is no way to find out without speaking to the medal office. Not something you can get through the normal G1 system so get counting!
  15. I will stand corrected, but I did get this information from the RAOs department..............oh hang on :omfg: