ASM John Buck R.i.P

Discussion in 'REME' started by urban_spaceman, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. Tragic indeed. Does anyone know of any arrangements yet?
  2. I had the honour of knowing John both as a friend, colleague and Mess member at previous units, having only chatting to him on facebook a few days before it was a shock to hear the news the other weekend. A genuine warm hearted bloke both as a Tradesman and Family man who will be missed by many.

    RIP John

    Arte Et Marte
  3. John's funeral will take place on Wednesday 18th January 2012 at St Hilda's Church, Whitby, North Yorkshire. The timings to be confirmed but looking like 11 am..

    also his wife is looking for Bob (Robert) Smitham. He was JB's best man trying to track him down.
  4. JB, will be sadly missed. he was my boss, mentor and friend. He will be sadly missed by all..

  5. Thanks for the info, my thoughts will be with Rachel and family and I'm sure there will be lots of the lads present....knowing john the true A Mech he was he will still be pleased to have Squatters there.....Dusty in here.
  6. John is one of my very best friends, we are part of a group of still serving and ex-military men and women, a group of people that have been left shocked and numb by this terrible tragedy. JB (as John was known) will always be missed by each and everyone of us, a legend within the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. JB, we will all do our best for Rachel and the kids mate. From this day to the ending of the world, we in it shall be remembered, we lucky few, we Band of Brothers.........until the FRV sleep tight pal, words cannot describe how sorely missed you will be. Arte et Marte.
  7. REME Collect.

    O God of power and might, whose all-pervading energy is the strength of nature and man, inspire, we pray Thee, us Thy servants of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers with the quickening spirit of goodwill, that as honest craftsmen, seeking only the good of all in peace or war, we may glorify Thee both in the work of our hands and in the example of our fellowship, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

    Arte et Marte
  8. Bad news,met him for the first time in SEME great guy,very sad.