Asliatir Darling on Channel 4 News

Ye Gods and little fishes, the audacity of the slimey little fucker really does just take your breath away. Even when put a simple and straight queston he can't even answer without equivocating, dodging or trying to change the question. This is the man supposedly in charge (provided that you don't believe that Brown doesn't just use him like a sock puppet) of the economy? We're screwed.
I watched the whole thing and took in none of it. No matter what Chancellor Darling says, I just can't stop wondering what colour his pubes are.

I just can't take a bloke with hair like that seriously. Why doesn't Gordon get him some Grecian 2000?
That's why I love Paxman and Newsnight, I like to see MP's squirm as Paxo sniffs blood and presses a question until he gets the reply he wants.


Sick em boy!!!

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